Exclusive economic zone of Poland

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The Polish Exclusive Economic Zone (Polish EEZ) has the area of 30,533 km2. within the Baltic Sea.[1]

It includes the following bathymetric basins: Bornholm Basin (part, max. depth 95 m within Polish EEZ), Slupsk Furrow (complete, max. depth 93 m), Gotland Basin (part,max. depth 120 m within Polish EEZ ), and Gdansk Basin (part, max. depth 107 m within Polish EEZ). There are a number of shoals between the basins and the Polish coast, including Odra Bank (min. depth 4.5 m), Slupsk Bank (min. depth 8 m), Stilo Bank (min. depth 18 m) and Southern Middle Bank (min. depth 14 m).[1]

Of mineral resources within the Polish EEZ, best recognized are gravel and sand deposits. [1]


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