Excursion to the Moon

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Excursion dans la lune
Экскурсия на Луну.jpg
Directed bySegundo de Chomón
Based onA Trip to the Moon
by Georges Méliès
Produced byFerdinand Zecca
Release date
Running time
180 meters[1]

Excursion to the Moon (French: Excursion dans la lune) is a 1908 French silent film directed by Segundo de Chomón. The production was supervised by Ferdinand Zecca, designed by V. Lorant-Heilbronn, and released by Pathé Frères.[1] The film is an unauthorized remake, and an almost shot-by-shot copy, of Georges Méliès's 1902 film A Trip to the Moon.[2]

The film follows Méliès's scenario closely and includes many of its features, with some variations: for example, the Selenites are not vulnerable to umbrellas, but rather appear and disappear at will; the capsule lands inside the Man in the Moon's open mouth rather than hitting its eye; and the Selenite who returns to Earth is a "dancing moon-maiden" who is betrothed at the end of the film to one of the astronomers.[2] This film has occasionally been misidentified as a work by Méliès.[3]

Of the film's 180 meters, 72 were colorized[1] using a Pathé stencil process.[2]

Excursion dans la lune (1908)


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