Executioner's hood (Dungeons & Dragons)

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Executioner's hood
D&DExecutioner's hood.png

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the executioner's hood is a type of fictional monster.

Publication history[edit]

The executioner's hood first appeared in the first edition adventure module Dungeonland (1983), and in the original Monster Manual II (1983).[1]


A executioner's hood is a small bag like creature that resembles an actual executioner's hood, and closes around the head of a victim to strangle and suffocate the prey.

Other publishers[edit]

The executioner's hood appeared in the Tome of Horrors (2002) from Necromancer Games.[2]

The executioner's hood is fully detailed as the "lurking ray" in Paizo Publishing's book Misfit Monsters Redeemed (2010), on pages 46–51.[3]


The executioner's hood appeared on Geek.com's list of "The most underrated monsters of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons".[4]


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