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The cabinet of Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo consists of the executive chamber and the heads of the various departments of the Government of New York. Cuomo took office on January 1, 2011 as the 56th governor of New York.

Executive Chamber[edit]

The following people have been appointed for the respective positions.

  • Secretary to the Governor: William J. Mulrow,[1]
  • Director of State Operations: James Malatras[2]
  • Executive Deputy Secretary: Joseph Percoco[3]
  • Counselor to the Governor: Linda Lacewell
  • Counsel to the Governor: Alphonso B. David
  • Budget Director: Mary Beth Labate
  • Special Counsel for Interagency Initiatives: Rick Cotton
  • Press Secretary: John P.L. Kelly
  • Chairman of Energy and Finance: Richard Kauffman[4]

Nomination requires Legislative approval.

Lieutenant Governor[edit]

Andrew Cuomo's Lieutenant Governor was Robert Duffy, the former Mayor of Rochester. Duffy did not run for re-election in the last gubernatorial race, and was replaced by Kathy Hochul, former United States Representative from New York's 26th district.

Agencies, departments and divisions[edit]

The following people have been nominated for the respective positions. Their nomination requires Legislative approval.

  • Department of Environmental Conservation: Commissioner Joseph Martens[3]

Nomination requires Legislative approval.


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