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Executive Council
المجلس التنفيذي للفيدرالية
Encûmena Rêvebir a Federaliyê
ܡܘܬܒܐ ܣܘܥܪܢܝܐ ܕܦܕܪܐܠܝܘܬܐ
Ishow Gowriye
Meram Dawûd
Îbrahîm El-Hesen
Rojîn Remo
Hikmet Hebîb
Bêrîvan Ehmed
Cemal Şêx Baqî
Salih El-Nebwanî
AppointerFederal Assembly
Term length4 years, no term limit
Inaugural holderIshow Gowriye
Meram Dawûd
Îbrahîm El-Hesen
Rojîn Remo
Hikmet Hebîb
Bêrîvan Ehmed
Cemal Şêx Baqî
Salih El-Nebwanî
Formation2015; 4 years ago (2015)
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The Executive Council (Arabic: المجلس التنفيذي للفيدرالية‎, Kurdish: Encûmena Rêvebir a Federaliyê‎, Classical Syriac: ܡܘܬܒܐ ܣܘܥܪܢܝܐ ܕܦܕܪܐܠܝܘܬܐ‎, translit. Mawtbo Suronoyo d'Federaloyotho)[1][2][3] of the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria, acts as a joint coordination committee that oversees the implementation of policies developed by the Federal Assembly of the Syrian Democratic Council.

Origins and history of the Executive Council[edit]

Origins of the institution[edit]

The ministers are appointed; general elections were planned to be held before the end of 2014, but this was postponed due to fighting. [4]

Council composition[edit]

Among other stipulations outlined is a quota of 40% for women’s participation in government, as well as another quota for youth. In connection with a decision to introduce affirmative action for ethnic minorities, all governmental organizations and offices are based on a co-presidential system.[5]

Restructuring of the DFNS executive in the autumn of 2018[edit]

After the creation on September 6 of the new unified administration in the areas controlled by the SDF, "Autonomous Administration of North, East Syria", Mrs. Berivan Khalid[6] (or Khaled) and Abdul Hamid al-Mahbash were elected co-chairmans of Executive Body of the Administration.[7]
In the first meeting of the Executive Council held on 3 October 2018 in Ain Issa town, the co-chairs of the nine Authorities of the Executive Council were elected:[8][9]
Interior Committee: Ali Mustafa Hajo (علي مصطفى حجو) – Hevi(Hifi) Ibrahim Mustafa (هيفي ابراهيم مصطفى)
Education Committee: Kawthar Doko (Kuthar Duku, كوثر دوكو) - Rajab al-Meshlaf (رجب المشلف)
Local Administration Committee: Joseph(Juzif) Lahdo (جوزيف لحدو) - Media Bozan (Maydia Bouzan, ميديا بوزان)
Economics and Agriculture Committee: Salman Tawfiq al-Baroudo (سلمان توفيق البارودو) - Amal al-Khazim (أمل الخزيم)
Finance Committee: Walat Haj Ali (ولات حاج علي) - Salwa al-Sayid (سلوى السيد)
Culture Committee: Abdul Satar Shakagi (عبدالستار شكاغي) - Aisha Ali Rajab (عائشة علي رجب)
Health and Environment Committee: Dr. Jwan Mustafa (الدكتور جوان مصطفى) – Khetam Khalil al-Jeld (ختام خليل الجلد)
Social Affairs Committee: Farouq al-Mashi (فاروق الماشي) - Berivan Hasan (بيريفان حسن)
Women's Committee: Jihan Khadro (جيهان خضرو)
Sometime later (first publications in December), the former official spokeswoman of "Wrath of the Euphrates" campaign Jihan Sheikh Ahmed was elected co-chair of the Defense Committee, one of two special offices of the Executive Council (the second is the self-defense committee), whose forming was assumed shortly after the creation of the initial nine committees.[10][11][12]
At the moment, it remains unclear whether the new administrative structure will completely replace the old one or it will only complement it.

Operation of the Executive Council[edit]

Council meetings[edit]

Decisions and responsibilities[edit]

The Council assists with coordination and collaboration between cantons in political, economic, social and cultural matters; partliciary that of diplomatic and military matters. It also supervises and follows the work of federal Departments and Ministries.[4]

Constitutional conventions[edit]

Due to the Executive Council's unique nature as a voluntary grand coalition of political opponents, its operation is subject to constitutional conventions.

Members of the Executive Council[edit]

The current members of the Executive Council are:

Name Party Alliance Region Portfolio
Ishow Gowriye Syriac Union Party (SUP) TEV-DEM/LND Jazira Minister of Religious Affairs
Meram Dawûd Honor and Rights Convention N/A N/A
Îbrahîm El-Hesen Tel Abyad Turkmen Representative N/A Euphrates
Rojîn Remo Yekîtiya Star TEV-DEM/LND N/A Minister of Women and Family Affairs
Hikmet Hebîb Arab National Coalition TEV-DEM/LND N/A
Bêrîvan Ehmed Youth's Representative N/A N/A Minister of Youth and Sport
Cemal Şêx Baqî Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (PDK-S) HNKS N/A
Salih El-Nebwanî Law–Citizenship–Rights Movement (QMH) N/A N/A



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