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The Ontario Cabinet of 1891. Clockwise starting at centre foreground: O. Mowat, A.S. Hardy, J.M. Gibson, R. Harcourt, E.H. Bronson, J. Dryden, G.W. Ross, C.F. Fraser

The Executive Council of Ontario (informally, and more commonly, the Cabinet of Ontario) plays an important role in the Government of Ontario, in accordance with the Westminster system.

A council of ministers of the Crown chaired by the Premier of Ontario, the Executive Council, almost always made up of members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, advises the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on how to exercise the executive functions of the Ontario Crown. The members of the council are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, on the advice of his or her Premier; though the Lieutenant Governor does not generally attend council meetings, directives issued by the viceroy on the advice of his or her ministers are said to be ordered by the Governor-in-Council. Ministers hold the honorific prefix "The Honourable" while members of the council.

The cabinet is thus similar in structure and role to the federal Queen's Privy Council for Canada, though smaller in size, and, whereas the federal cabinet is actually a committee of the Queen's Privy Council, the Executive Council of Ontario and Cabinet of Ontario are one and the same. Also, unlike the Queen's Privy Council, members of the Ontario Executive Council are not appointed for life, and are not entitled to post-nominal letters due to their position.

Most cabinet ministers are the head of a ministry, but this is not always the case. The Lieutenant Governor, advised by the Premier, determines which portfolios will be created. It is then up to the new minister to organize his or her department, and to present legislation for the new ministry if none exists.

Current cabinet[edit]

Kathleen Wynne and her Cabinet were sworn in by Lieutenant-Governor David Onley on February 11, 2013.[1][2] There was a minor cabinet shuffle on May 8, 2013 following the resignation of Harinder Takhar due to health issues. A second shuffle occurred on July 2nd, 2013, following the resignation of Laurel Broten. A third shuffle occurred March 23, 2014 following the resignation of Linda Jeffrey to run for the position of Mayor of Brampton.

A major shuffle occurred on June 24, 2014, following the provincial election. A major shuffle occurred on June 13, 2016.

Minister Portfolio Since
Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario 2013
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs 2013
Deb Matthews Deputy Premier of Ontario 2013
Minister Responsible for Digital Government 2016
Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development 2016
Eric Hoskins Minister of Health and Long-Term Care 2014
Glen Murray Minister of the Environment and Climate Change 2014
Michael Gravelle Minister of Northern Development and Mines 2013
Helena Jaczek Minister of Community and Social Services 2014
Reza Moridi Minister of Research and Innovation 2013
Jeff Leal Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 2014
Bill Mauro Minister of Municipal Affairs 2016
Liz Sandals President of the Treasury Board 2016
David Zimmer Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation 2016
Michael Coteau Minister of Children and Youth Services 2016
Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism
Yasir Naqvi Government House Leader 2014
Attorney General 2016
Charles Sousa Minister of Finance 2013
Brad Duguid Minister of Economic Development and Growth 2014
Steven Del Duca Minister of Transportation 2014
Bob Chiarelli Minister of Infrastructure 2013
Michael Chan Minister of International Trade 2014
David Orazietti Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services 2016
Tracy MacCharles Minister Responsible for Accessibility 2016
Minister responsible for Women's Issues 2014
Kevin Flynn Minister of Labour 2014
Mitzie Hunter Minister of Education 2016
Dipika Damerla Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs 2016
Laura Albanese Minister of Citizenship and Immigration 2016
Chris Ballard Minister of Housing 2016
Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy 2016
Marie-France Lalonde Minister of Government and Consumer Services 2016
Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs 2016
Kathryn McGarry Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry 2016
Eleanor McMahon Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport 2016
Indira Naidoo-Harris Associate Minister of Education (Early Years and Child Care) 2016
Glenn Thibeault Minister of Energy 2016

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