Executive Order 13535

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Executive Order 13535 is an executive order announced by President Barack Obama on March 21, 2010, and signed on March 24. It reinforces a commitment to preservation of the Hyde Amendment's policy restricting federal funds for abortion within the context of recent health care legislation.[1][2] The order was signed after an agreement with pro-life Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak, who had said he and several other pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives would not support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unless the Bill's language prohibiting federal funding of abortions was strengthened.[3][4]

The executive order was condemned as ineffective by major pro-life organizations, including the Susan B. Anthony List,[5] the National Right to Life Committee,[5] the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,[6] Family Research Council,[7] the American Family Association,[8] Focus on the Family,[8] and Americans United for Life,[9] among others. The organizations said executive orders can be rescinded at any time by any administration.[8] They also said the fact that an executive order was needed proves that the health care law did fund abortion.[8] The National Right to Life Committee said the executive order did not correct seven provisions in the law they identified as objectionable.[10]

Pro-choice groups also condemned the executive order, questioning Obama's commitment to the pro-choice position.[5] The National Organization for Women,[5] Planned Parenthood,[11] NARAL Pro-Choice America,[12] and EMILY's List[13] were among pro-choice groups opposing the executive order.