Exhibit A (film)

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Exhibit A
Directed by Dom Rotheroe
Produced by Darren Bender
Written by Dom Rotheroe
Darren Bender
Starring Bradley Cole
Brittany Ashworth
Cinematography Rob Hardy
Edited by David Charap
Distributed by Warp Films
Release date
Running time
85 min
Language English

Exhibit A is a 2007 British independent horror film directed by Dom Rotheroe and produced by Darren Bender for Warp Films. The film is an example of the Found footage genre[1] and stars Bradley Cole, Brittany Ashworth, Angela Forrest and Oliver Lee. It was filmed on location in Yorkshire and Suffolk[2] and released on 1 October 2007 at the Raindance Film Festival.[3] It was the last film that stuntman Roy Alon, the world's most prolific stuntman, worked on[4]


  • Bradley Cole - Andy King
  • Brittany Ashworth - Judith King
  • Angela Forrest - Sheila King
  • Oliver Lee - Joe King
  • Jason Allen - Wayne
  • Charles Davies - Ray
  • Emily Button - Claire
  • Belinda Lazenby - Mo
  • David Walker - Mike
  • Terry Mann - Stu
  • Dennis Turner - Mr Miller
  • John Douglas - John
  • Helen Fell - Sales Assistant


The film previewed at film festivals internationally throughout 2007 and 2008 with screenings at the Raindance Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, the Sofia International Film Festival and Febiofest Prague,[6] and then received a limited cinematic release. The film became available on DVD in USA on 16 March 2010 the UK on 21 June 2010[7] and available to stream online through the Video on Demand service MUBI in September 2010.[8]

Awards and Reception[edit]

The film received a positive critical reception on its release. The film was awarded the title of 'Best UK Feature' at the Raindance Film Festival[9] and was subsequently nominated in three categories - 'Best Newcomer', 'The Raindance Award', and 'Best Achievement in Production' at the British Independent Film Awards.[10] Reviews have described the film variously as 'A masterpiece of gradually escalating horror'[11] and, 'An Ingenious and Compelling Thriller'[12] with emphasis falling on the performances of the actors Bradley Cole and Brittany Ashworth who give 'stand out turns'.[13]


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