Exiles on Asperus

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First edition, cover art by Colin Hay

Exiles on Asperus (ISBN 0-340-24046-6) is a collection of science fiction short stories by John Wyndham, writing as John Benyon, published in 1979 after his death by Coronet Books.

The collection contains:

  • Exiles on Asperus (1933)
  • No Place Like Earth (1951)
  • The Venus Adventure (1932)

Exiles tells the story of a human crew who are transporting a group of Martian dissidents to a penal colony only for the captives to revolt leading to the crew, prisoners, and the survivors of a previous crash becoming embroiled in a battle for survival against the indigenous life form of the planet Asperus.

No Place Like Earth sees a survivor of the Earth's destruction facing a slow, quiet life on Mars or becoming part of the efforts to keep humanity alive on Venus, and the repercussions of his decision.

The Venus Adventure tells of an early flight to Venus and the surprising world the crew of the Fyra discover. Not only are there intelligent indigenous lifeforms, and a breathable atmosphere, there are also fellow humans.