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Exinda Inc.
Private company
Industry Networking hardware
Founded 2002
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Website www.exinda.com

Exinda is a company that sells computer networking hardware for improving the performance of wide area networks (WANs), known as WAN optimization.[1][2][3]


Exinda sells and WAN optimization network bandwidth management products to small and medium-sized enterprises.[4] The Exinda WAN optimization appliance provides network management functions covering network optimization, application visibility, traffic control and application acceleration. Its features help to optimize bandwidth utilization, set policies to control peer-to-peer (P2P) and recreational Internet traffic and ensure application performance over the wide area network (WAN).[5][6] Exinda sells through commercial value-added resellers (VARs).[7]


The company was originally formed in Melbourne, Australia, by Con Nikolouzakis, Chris Siakos and Anthony Bodin in 2002 as Exinda Networks. Its technology was based on research at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.[8]

OpenView Venture Partners of Boston, Massachusetts, invested $6 million (US) in the company in 2007.[9] Nikolouzakis was chief executive at the time, and expected to add a Boston sales office to focus on the US market. Previously sales were reported to be mostly in Europe and Asia.[10] In October 2007, the company announced a $1.1 million contract with the government of Malaysia.[11] In August 2008 Michael Sharma (previously of PlateSpin) became CEO and Nikolouzakis was named chief product officer.[12]

By 2010, the company reported being based in Toronto, but keeping its official headquarters in the US.[13] In addition to Exinda's presence in Canada, it also maintained small sales offices in a handful of other countries.[14] In March 2012, another $12 million investment round included investor Greenspring Associates.[15] The city of Richmond, California used Exinda products to filter out video traffic from sites such as YouTube.[16]

In November 2014, Exinda released updates to its Network Orchestrator product. The updates included integrated captive portal policies, adaptive response quotas, and HTTP caching.[17]


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