Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger

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Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger
Traditional 天皇巨星
Simplified 天皇巨星
Directed by Tso Nam Lee
Produced by Wong Fung
Written by Hsin Yee Chang
Starring Bruce Li
Music by Fu Liang Chou
Cinematography Yip Cheng-Biu
Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture Company
Distributed by Dimension Pictures
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)
Running time
79 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger (Chinese title: 天皇巨星; Cantonese: Tian huang ju xing), also released as Bruce Lee: The Star of Stars, is a 1976 Bruceploitation film starring Bruce Li. The title is a play on the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon and is one of the most well-known films in the Bruceploitation genre.[1]


The film tells the story of Tiger, a student of Bruce Lee, who comes to Hong Kong in search of answers regarding the mysterious death of his master. The character Suzy Yung represents Betty Ting Pei. She and Tiger team up and take on the Hong Kong mafia in search for the truth regarding the death of the martial arts legend.


  • Bruce Li as David Lee/Bruce Lee
  • Chang Yi as The Baron
  • Lung Fei as Lung Fei
  • Shan Mao as Sam
  • Kam Kong as Wa


The film's music was composed by Fu Liang Chou under the name of Chow Fook-Leung. Similar to other film scores by Fu Liang Chou, excerpts from popular music of that time can be heard interpolated in the score. These excerpts include pieces of John Barry's 1974 score to The Man with the Golden Gun, Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", and Isaac Hayes' theme to Three Tough Guys, among others.


In 1978 a sequel was released titled Return of the Tiger.


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