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Exnora International
Formation September 30, 1988; 28 years ago (1988-09-30)
Type NGO
Purpose Environmental causes
Headquarters Chennai, India
Region served
M. B. Nirmal
Website Exnora International
Youth Exnora International(YEI) group photo taken during YEI launch.

Exnora International is a non-governmental environmental service organization started in 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, by M. B. Nirmal, a social activist. It focuses on preserving nature and preventing environmental degradation.[1][2][3]

The name Exnora is derived from excellent, novel and radical ideas in solving environmental problems by involving those who caused the problem.[3]this is a good organisation in saving the environment


The organization provides street cleaning services through about 17,000 street chapters, 40% of Chennai city and 75% of the suburbs, and some other parts of Tamil Nadu. The street cleaning service includes collection of garbage at homes, sorting at pickup, composting organic waste, and generating income for the "street beautifiers" through the sale of recyclables. The chapters also work with the local corporations and municipalities to address civic problems including sewage leaks, water supply problems, and repairs to street lamps.[4]

The organization's Environmental Training Institute conducts training programmes for school teachers on environmental issues such as biodiversity, climate change, and solid, liquid and zero waste management. The teachers are taught how to turn a home into a green building and set up vertical gardens.[5]


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