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Logo Exodia IIT Mandi.jpg
Logo of Exodia
Type Student Run, Non-Profit Organization
Founded 2012 (2012)
Place Mandi, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
Major events Technical, Cultural, Literary, Informal and Online events
Guests Richard Stallman, Vic Hayes, Mark Tully
Slogan Biggest Tech-Cult fest of Himalayas
Website www.exodia.in

Exodia is the annual techno-cultural fest of Indian Institute of Technology Mandi. It is a three-day-long event held every year. The first edition was held in 2012 and since then it has grown to be one of the largest student-run college fests of the Himalayas.[1][2] It is one of the biggest events of the Himalayan region, and attracts a lot of crowd from all over North India. The fest also tries to promote the Himalayan region and showcase its culture and beauty by orchestrating some of its events for the same.[3] Exodia '17 is scheduled for 7-9 April, 2017.


IIT Mandi is the newest of the new IITs. The year 2011, fueled by the immense desire of the students saw major growth in the cultural activities of the Institute, which ultimately culminated in Exodia 2012, the first major event as well as the first techno-cult fest of the Institute. For its first two years, the fest was organized in the transit Campus. The year 2014 will see for the first time, the fest moving to the permanent campus at Kamand, Mandi. This provides an opportunity for scaling the fest, as well as for proper exposure of the scenic beauty that exists in the Himalayas.

Synchronians in Exodia 2012
An Adventure Event in Exodia
Pronite@Exodia 2016


As a college fest, the main participants of Exodia are the youth, and so the event is primarily centered on them. The fest encompasses a variety of events, ranging from literary, technical to online and Informal events. There is headscratcher, the online clue-hunt. There is a plethora of events catering to the dance fanatics and youths who love to groove to the music, like Bandslam, Synchronians, Instrumenia, and also, the Exodia Idol.[4][5] The event does not hold back when it comes to literary events, offering a "No holds barred" heated debate in the form of "The Devil's Advocate", and a classic "The Biggest Liar". Being primarily a technology college, it also offers a platform for the tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills in programming, research, robot wars.[6]

Notable personalities[edit]

Exodia has witnessed many influential personalities since its inception. Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, was present at the first edition of Exodia, and left a lasting impression. The event has also seen Vic Hayes, known as the father of the WiFi, and Mark Tully.


Exodia is unique in its organization that the freshmen have a high deal of involvement in the organization. The committee coordinators are third year students, meanwhile the co-coordinators are from second year. But other than that, most of the students in the organization are from the first year. The planning committee starts work months before the fest is to commence, dealing with all sorts of issues. Then there is the sponsorship team, and the accounts team. Also various societies of the institute are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas of their own.


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