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Exodus Communications
IndustryInternet services
FateChapter 11 bankruptcy; purchased by Cable & Wireless
Defunct2001 (2001)

Exodus Communications was an Internet hosting service and Internet service provider to dot-com businesses. Along with many of its customers, Exodus experienced the bursting of the dot-com bubble, and declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2001. Exodus was purchased by Cable and Wireless.[1]

Exodus acquired American Information Systems, Cohesive, Arca Systems, and Network-1's professional services division. In December 1999, Exodus headed by Ellen Hancock CEO acquired Global OnLine Japan (GOL), Japan's first ISP [2], launched in 1994 by a Canadian entrepreneur, Roger J. Boisvert together with his wife, Yuriko Hiraguri[3]. Exodus opened its Tokyo IDC in April 2000 together with Nomura Research Institute.

In January 2003, Cable and Wireless Japan sold Global OnLine Japan to Japanese VoIP operator Fusion Communications,[4] merging its existing consumer Internet and VoIP efforts to create Fusion Network Services. The Fusion group was later acquired by Rakuten Group[5].

In March 2004, Cable and Wireless America, including the Exodus assets, were acquired by SAVVIS.[6] Cable and Wireless Japan sold its IDC operations to the SoftBank Group in February 2005[7].


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