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Exor N.V.
Public (N.V.)
Traded asBITEXO
FTSE MIB Component
IndustryHolding company
Founded27 July 1927 (IFI)
FounderGiovanni Agnelli Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersEXOR N.V - Gustav Mahlerplein 25, 1082 MS Amsterdam
Key people
John Elkann (Chairman & CEO)
Revenue€143.8 billion (2019)[1]
€8.9 billion (2018)[1]
Total assets€172.6 billion (2019)
OwnerGiovanni Agnelli B.V. (52.99%)
Number of employees
268,979 (approx) (2019)[2]

Exor N.V. is a holding company,[3] incorporated in the Netherlands and controlled by the Italian Agnelli family through privately held company Giovanni Agnelli B.V. In 2019 it recorded revenues of $144 billion,[1] making it the 24th largest group in the world by revenue, according to the 2019 Fortune Global 500 List.[3] It has a history of investments running over a century, which notably include auto and truck manufacturers Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ferrari and CNH Industrial, global reinsurer PartnerRe, the soccer team Juventus and the international newspaper The Economist.


Declared shareholdings as of December 2019:[4]

Company Sector / Industry % of Share Capital Voting Rights
PartnerRe Financials 100% 99.72%
Juventus F.C. Soccer Team 63.77% 63.77%
Gedi Media 60.9%[5] 63.21%
Economist Group Media 43.40% 20%
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Auto Manufacturers 28.67% 42.44%
CNH Industrial Capital Goods 26.89% 42.22%
Ferrari Auto Manufacturers 22.91% 35.80%

Besides these major holdings, the company as of December 2019 held shares with a total market value of $655 million in the following listed and unlisted companies:[6][7][8]


Company % of share capital
Giovanni Agnelli B.V. 52.99%
Equity markets 35.16%
Harris Associates 4.99%
Treasury Stock 3.90%
Southeastern Asset Management, Inc. 2.96%

Financial data[edit]

Financial data in € billions[9]
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Revenue 52.520 58.985 84.359 110.671 113.740 122.246 136.360 140.068 138.226 143.294 143.755
Net Income -0.997 0.571 2.229 2.377 4.427 1.276 0.343 2.314 4.646 5.416 8.915
Assets 71.804 78.707 123.030 125.762 132.680 150.509 156.895 176.528 163.775 166.275 172.611
Employees 190.651 196.723 195.404 287.343 305.963 318.562 303.247 302.562 265.017 272.170 268,979


In 1957, IFI acquired control of Istituto Commerciale Laniero Italiano, which conducted activities in the financial field, particularly in the textile and wool sector. In 1963 it extended its operations to the banking system and changed its name to Istituto Bancario Italiano Laniero. Three years later, having spun off the banking business to Banca Subalpina, the company became Istituto Finanziario Italiano Laniero (IFIL), playing a parallel role to that of IFI and conducting similar investment management activities.

IFI gained holdings in numerous firms over the decades, including Unicem and 3M, many of which have since been divested. IFI listed preference shares on the Borsa Italiana in 1968. A reorganisation of the Agnelli family's holdings in 2008 led to the merger of IFI and IFIL to create Exor, the new name being taken from the French company (then the majority owner of Perrier water and the Château Margaux estate) which it acquired in 1991.[10]

The family firm Giovanni Agnelli B.V. owns 52.99% of the share capital.[11]

Exor is ranked 24th largest company by revenue according to the 2019 Fortune Global 500 lists.[3].

Investor Days[edit]

On October 5, 2017, EXOR held its first Investor Day event, which was led by Exor & PartnerR’s leadership teams which provided financial updates and the latest developments from their respective companies.[12]

On November 21, 2019, a second one was hosted on the occasion of Exor's 10th anniversary. During the meeting John Elkann, together with the management team, illustrated the Company’s performances, growth and key achievements over the past 10 years.[13]

Both events took place at the Agnelli Foundation in Turin (Italy).

Mergers, investments and acquisitions[edit]

The Economist[edit]

On August 12, 2015, the editor announced that Exor would purchase three-fifths of the Economist Group shares then owned by Pearson PLC.[14] Exor held shares in the Economist Group prior to this purchase.[14] This was considered to be the "most important change to The Economist's shareholding structure in almost 90 years."[14] Pearson PLC which also owned the Financial Times had had a non-controlling 50% stake in the Economist Group since 1928. The Economist Group will bought back the remained two-fifths of Pearson shares.[15][14]

Cushman & Wakefield[edit]

On September 2, 2015 Exor closed the sale of Cushman & Wakefield to Chicago-based DTZ for $1,28 billion in net, generating a capital gain of $722 million for the holding company of Italy's Agnelli family.[16]


In 2016 Exor bought PartnerRe with a bid of $140 per share (total $6.9 billion).[17] Originally it had offered $130 per share and in response Axis Re offered $120.31 per share in paper plus $11.50 in a pre-closing dividend.[18]

In March 2020, EXOR announced an agreement to sell PartnerRe to French mutual insurer Covea for $9 billion plus a $50 million cash dividend upon closing.[19] [20]The sale was not finalised, as Covéa withdrew the offer on May 12, 2020.[21]


In December 2019 Exor agreed to buy a 43.7 per cent stake in GEDI, Italy’s leading media group, for €102.4m from CIR, the holding company of the De Benedetti dynasty. The acquisition was closed in April 2020, when the company raised GEDI stake above 60%, corresponding to 63.21% of voting right.[22] [23]

FCA & PSA[edit]

In December 2019 FCA and Groupe PSA have announced a merge, which will be completed in 12/14 months. [24] [25] [26] In July 2020, FCA’s Chairman John Elkann and the CEO Mike Manley announced that the combined company will be called Stellantis, upon completing the trans-Atlantic merger that would create one of the world’s largest auto companies.[27] [28]

Via Transportation Inc.[edit]

In April 2020, has signed an agreement to invest a total amount of $200 million to acquire a 8.87% of Via Transportation Inc., a technology company specialising in the dynamic, data-driven optimisation of public mobility systems in cities all around the world.[29] [30]

Board of directors[edit]

Board of Directors in charge as of December 2018:[31]

  • John Philip Elkann - chairman and chief executive officer
  • Alessandro Nasi - vice chairman
  • Andrea Agnelli - director
  • Joseph Bae - director
  • Melissa Bethell - director
  • Marc Bolland - director
  • Laurence Debroux - director
  • Ginevra Elkann - director
  • Antonio Mota De Sousa Horta-Osorio - director


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