Exotic Zoology

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Exotic Zoology
Author Willy Ley
Illustrator Olga Ley
Publisher Random House
Publication date
ISBN 0-517-62545-8
LC Class 59-8356

Exotic Zoology is a cryptozoological book[1] by Willy Ley, a science writer and space advocate.[2]


Ley had written a number of books containing scientific oddities; Exotic Zoology collects the cryptozoological matter from those books.[3] Throughout the book he shows examples of organisms that were rumored to exist, or were thought to be impossible, that were shown to be real; and others that were accepted as fact, that were discovered to have never existed: "He speculates about dragons and sea serpents, wingless birds and Abominable Snowmen."[4] The book, in its description of (fictional) peoples and creatures, has been compared to John Mandeville's Travels.[5] Some of the claims have been criticized or ridiculed, for instance the statement that giant squids had left scars on whales of two feet in diameter.[6][7]


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