Exotron & Urban Myths

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Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
SeriesDoctor Who
Release no.95
FeaturingFifth Doctor
Peri Brown
Written byPaul Sutton
Directed byBarnaby Edwards
Production code6Q/AA
Release dateMay 2007

Exotron and Urban Myths are Big Finish Productions audio dramas based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.



The episode is set on an Earth colony in the future. Terraformers suffer frequent attacks from a native species, the Farakosh, and rely on robots to protect them. Ultimately the Doctor discovers that the robots are cyborgs, using the minds of soldiers presumed dead, connected together telepathically, and that their presence is what had been disturbing the Farakosh in the first place.


Urban Myths[edit]


In an expensive restaurant on Earth, three gourmets plan the death of the Doctor.



Urban Myths continues the "Virus Strand" story arc, which started in the previous one-episode story Urgent Calls and continues through The Vanity Box and Mission of the Viyrans.

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