Expedition 38

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ISS Expedition 38
Mission type ISS Expedition
Space Station International Space Station
Began 10 November 2013
Ended 10 March 2014 (2014-03-11)
Arrived aboard Soyuz TMA-10M
Soyuz TMA-11M
Departed aboard Soyuz TMA-10M
Soyuz TMA-11M
Crew size 6
Members Expedition 37/38:
Oleg Kotov
Sergey Ryazansky
Michael S. Hopkins

Expedition 38/39:
Koichi Wakata
Richard A. Mastracchio
Mikhail Tyurin

ISS Expedition 38 Patch.svg

Expedition 38 crew portrait.jpg
(l-r) Tyurin, Wakata, Mastracchio, Ryazansky, Kotov and Hopkins

Expedition 38 was the 38th expedition to the International Space Station.


Position First Part
(November 2013)
Second Part
(November 2013 to March 2014)
Commander Oleg Kotov, RSA

Third spaceflight

Flight Engineer 1 Sergey Ryazansky, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Michael S. Hopkins, NASA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 Koichi Wakata, JAXA

Fourth spaceflight

Flight Engineer 4 Richard A. Mastracchio, NASA
Fourth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Mikhail Tyurin, RSA
Third spaceflight

JAXA,[1] NASA,[2] ESA[3]


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