Expedition of Zayd ibn Harithah (Wadi al-Qura)

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Expedition of Zayd ibn Harithah (Wadi al-Qura)
Date November 627AD, 7th month 6AH
Location Wadi al-Qura
Result Ambush, 9 Muslims killed[1]
Commanders and leaders
Zayd ibn Harithah Unknown
12 Unknown
Casualties and losses
9 killed[1] Unknown

Expedition of Zayd ibn Harithah to Wadi al-Qura took place in November, 627AD, 7th month of 6AH of the Islamic calendar.[2][3]

Wadi al-Qura was an oasis, about 7 miles from Medina. Zayd ibn Harithah set out with 12 men to survey this area and to monitor the movements of enemies of Muhammad.[1]

However, the inhabitants in this area were unfriendly to Zayd. The people there attacked the Muslims, killed 9 of them, while the rest including Zaid bin Haritha managed to escape.[1]

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