Expedition to Earth

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Expedition to Earth
Expedition to earth.jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author Arthur C. Clarke
Cover artist Richard Powers[1]
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction Short stories
Publisher Ballantine Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 167 pp

Expedition to Earth (ISBN 0-7221-2423-6) is a collection of science fiction short stories by Arthur C. Clarke.

There are at least two variants of this book's table of contents, in different editions of the book. Both variants include the stories "History Lesson" (1949) and "Encounter in the Dawn" (1953), but only one story is included under its own title; other story is included under the title "Expedition to Earth". Variants differ in the story that is included under its own title.


This collection, originally published in 1953, includes:


Boucher and McComas selected the collection as one of the best sf books of 1953, praising the stories' "humor, technical ideas, science-fictional thinking and all-around excellence."[2] P. Schuyler Miller praised it as "an excellent collection . . . span[ning] the whole range of [Clarke's] talents.[3] Writing in the Hartford Courant, reviewer R. W. Wallace declared that the stories "show [Clarke] as a more skilled literary artist" than even his novel Childhood's End had.[4]


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