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Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.
Company typePublic
DJTA Component
S&P 500 Component
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, US
Key people
RevenueIncreaseUS$8.1 billion[1] (2018)
IncreaseUS$796 million[1] (2018)
IncreaseUS$818 million[1] (2018)
Total assetsIncreaseUS$3.3 billion[1] (2018)
Total equityIncreaseUS$1.99 billion[1] (2018)
Number of employees
19,588[2] (2021)

Expeditors (Expeditors International of Washington) is an American worldwide logistics and freight forwarding company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.[3]

Financial information[edit]

Expeditors became a publicly traded company in 1984 with the listing of its shares on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EXPD (NasdaqEXPD) and were named to the NASDAQ-100 in 2002. During their first year as a public company, Expeditors reported more than $50 million in gross revenues and $2.1 million in net earnings. Expeditors is currently #299 on the Fortune 500.[4] Total revenues exceeded 10 billion ($10.116 billion) in 2021.[4]

They are known in the financial services community for their unconventional and entertaining SEC filings, which are rumored to be written by former CEO Peter Rose himself[citation needed], as well as its responses to questions submitted to the company, which are placed on Expeditors' investor website.[5] Rose announced his retirement in March 2014 as CEO, with his retirement as Chairman effective May 2015.[6]

Compensation structure[edit]

Expeditors maintains a compensation structure that is unique to the logistics industry. According to their 2003 annual report,[7] "Each of the Company’s branches are independent profit centers and the primary compensation for the branch management group comes in the form of incentive-based compensation calculated directly from the operating income of that branch. This compensation structure ensures that the allocation of revenue and expense among components of services [...] are done in an objective manner on a fair value basis."

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