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Expendables is a role-playing game published by Stellar Games in 1987.


Expendables is a science-fiction space-adventure system.[1] The PCs are "expendables," agents of an interstellar megacorporation, and their job is exploring newly discovered planets.[1] The rules cover character creation, skills, combat, equipment, vehicles, the interstellar background, information for the GM, and planet and creature generation.[1] Characters are one of six types of "specialists," each of which have different skill lists.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Expendables was designed by L. Lee Cerny, Walter H. Mytczynskyj, and Michael A. Thomas, and published by Stellar Games in 1987 as an 88-page book.[1]


Lawrence Schick notes that "Expendables is perhaps the only RPG with a specific skill listing for proctology."[1]



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