Experience 7

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Experience 7
OriginPointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
GenresKadans, Compas, World music
Years active1976–2001
LabelsDebs Music
Pastel Prod
MembersGuy Houllier
Yves Honoré

Experience 7 was a Guadeloupean kadans band formed in the mid-1970s, led by Guy Houllier and Yves Honore. However unlike Kassav' or Malavoi, the small band produced most songs with Henry Debs in Guadeloupe.



Born in 1976, the group, created by Guy Houllier and Yves Honore added that the successes such as "LA OLA Mizik YE" and "PLAS BAY LI". It also represents the great Romantic era marked by slows immortal as "Whilfried", "Vivre pour toi", "Isabelle" ... and other tunes with "Carmelina", "Lanmou sé on danjé". They are decidedly melt in love. Indeed, they have the audacity, in the Carnival (1983), is an album of "straining your" winning a huge success as it was unexpected. But with "Goudjoua" and especially Roro, that was the first hit to reach the national charts, they are not forgotten about the explosive atmosphere that it gives off. As memorable as the Hurricane Hugo, the song "Sois belle" becomes a hymn to the hope of rebirth of Guadeloupe as they were the ambassadors around the world[1]. They have indeed raised the flag of Guadeloupe in Europe, Surinam, Martinique, Guyane, Haiti, Réunion, French Polynesia, Seychelles, New Caledonia, throughout West Africa, Canada and the United States.

Musical Style[edit]

Through the years, Experience 7 used various styles of Caribbean music from mid 1970 to very late 2000. Those songs have spanned genres as diverse as biguine, cadence-lypso, kadans/compas.


The work done to bring the group Zouk Machine, the band leaders create and composed, to the highest steps of the charts international (including the famous title Maldon), made them somewhat let the band.

Late career[edit]

With the pressure from their fans, drives them to reoffend after 1995, when Zouk Machine split. They realize then three zouk-love or compas albums on which emerge from songs like "Pou Vou" (1996), "Sirena" (1997), "Extreme tendresse" (1998).

The 21st century saw the creation of Guy Houllier solo album called "Tendans" that takes three SACEM prizes, rewarding the 25-year career of the Guadeloupean "crooner" in 2001.


  • 1976 : Experimental Whilfried
  • 1977 : Vivre pour toi
  • 1978 : Osibisa
  • 1978 : Isabelle
  • 1979 : Adieu Carmélina
  • 1980 : Banzaï
  • 1981 : Siw Bizwen Milyon
  • 1983 : Je reviendrais
  • 1984 : Tendrement vôtre
  • 1985 : Diva
  • 1985 : Roro
  • 1987 : Goudjoua
  • 1990 : Sois belle
  • 1996 : Zouk N'Love
  • 1997 : Sirena
  • 1998 : Extreme tendresse
  • 2001 : Tendans (Album solo) Guy Houllier
  • 2008 : Mistè lanmou

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