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Experience Project
Type Private
Founded 2007; 9 years ago (2007)
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people Armen Berjikly, Founder & CEO
Neil Sheth, CTO
Erik Darby
Slogan(s) Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Life
Website ExperienceProject.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 3,123 (April 2014)[1]
Type of site Social network service
Advertising Google, Adobe TagManager, ScoreCard Research Beacon, DoubleClick, AdSense, Banner ads, Referral marketing, Cause marketing
Registration Required
Launched April 2007
Current status Active

Experience Project is a free social networking website consisting of various online communities. Members submit "experiences" - personal stories, confessions, blogs, groups, photos, and videos. As of April 2014, the company had collected over 37 million of these "experiences".[2] Users can form or join communities based on their experiences and/or interests, and interact with other members with shared experiences, either online or in their physical region.


The nodes of the network are "life experiences," such as battling depression or surviving a divorce. Members who list experiences in common are automatically connected. Reversing the "friends" concept of traditional social networks, in which connections are made between known individuals who then may or may not share experiences, on the Experience Project, connections are made based on shared experiences, which may or may not lead to meeting and/or knowing the individuals who've had the experiences. The site emphasizes anonymity to promote conversations unhindered by fear of recognition or embarrassment.[3]

Introduced publicly in October 2006, the site features members sharing stories about their life experiences, which are grouped in general categories (such as "Health" or "Dating and Relationships") and more specifically ("Aging," "First Love"). As members share experiences, they are linked with others who have those experiences in common. Themes of the site include the concepts of "You are not Alone" and "Discover New People Like You".[4] Submitted content is also 'policed' by its own users with little monitoring or interference, which, however, can result in heavy censorship.

Other features of the site include blogs, trivia games for helping animals, confessions, surveys, mood and wellness journaling, and a search engine that matches a mood to a particular song. You can also add friends and chat with them. Experiences posted by others can be commented too. Illegal nudity, copyrighted stories or pics is not allowed. Confessions and Dreams are another menu available. Experience Project is although loved by 15+ Million People. Members have the ability to "purchase" items like images or gestures, cards, etc. and send them to other members.


Armen Berjikly is founder and CEO of the community, with executive leadership including Neil Sheth and Julio Vasconcellos.


Experience Project was started by Armen Berjikly in late 2004. After a close friend's diagnosis with multiple sclerosis Berjikly created This is MS, an online community for MS patients and caregivers focused on inspiring hope in patients through knowledge of current research. As This is MS grew, Berjikly identified that the key benefit to patients was not the editorialized content, but the relationships that formed between people who understood each other through the shared experience of having multiple sclerosis. Experience Project extended the ability to connect with people who understood each other to all experiences, and thus, all people.

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