Experiences (album)

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Compilation album by X Marks the Pedwalk
Released 2003
Recorded 1989-1997
Genre Electro-industrial
Label Dying Culture Records
Producer Sevren Ni-arb (André Schmechta), AL/X/S
X Marks the Pedwalk chronology
Retrospective (1999) Experiences(2003)

Experiences is the name of the fourth and fifth "best-of" albums by German band X Marks the Pedwalk.

Track listing[edit]

Disk one[edit]

  1. "Bloom"
  2. "Maximum Pace"
  3. "W.I.T.I.A.K."
  4. "Missing Light (Re-edit)"
  5. "Special Sign"
  6. "Never Look Back (Re-edit)"
  7. "Desolation"
  8. "Under Glass"
  9. "Helpless"
  10. "Made of Wax"
  11. "Mirthless Knick-Knack"
  12. "Ten Miles"
  13. "The Trap"
  14. "My Back (Out of Order Mix)"
  15. "Monomaniac (Mix)"

Disc two[edit]

  1. "Hothead"
  2. "Sweep Hand"
  3. "Drawback"
  4. "Missing Light (World Mix)"
  5. "Facer"
  6. "T.O.L."
  7. "Abattoir (Razormaid Mix)"
  8. "Cenotaph"
  9. "Here I Stay"
  10. "Paranoid Illusions"
  11. "My Back (Out of Order Mix)"
  12. "I Promise You a Murder"
  13. "Danger"
  14. "Facer (Short Cut)"
  15. "Arbitrary Execution"