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Experimental Audio Research (commonly shortened to E.A.R. or EAR) is a loose collective of experimental musicians formed around Peter Kember (a.k.a. Sonic Boom), formerly of Spacemen 3.[1] While Spacemen 3 were a relatively traditional rock and roll band with strong experimental leanings, E.A.R. is essentially a free improvisation project, creating instrumental music characterized by lengthy, droning textures and slowly evolving structures.[2]

The line-up often included Sonic Boom (Spectrum, Spacemen 3), Kevin Martin (God), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), and Eddie Prévost (AMM).[1] Other collaborators have included Lawrence Chandler[2] of Bowery Electric, Nick Kramer,[2] Delia Derbyshire and Thomas Köner, plus various members of Spectrum, though it is generally considered a Kember solo project. The collective is one of Kember's several post-Spacemen 3 projects, which also include Spectrum, as well albums released under the Sonic Boom moniker.



  • Mesmerised (1994)[3]
  • Beyond The Pale (1996, recorded 1992)[3]
  • Phenomena 256 (1996)[3]
  • The Köner Experiment (1997)[3]
  • Millennium Music (1998)[3]
  • Pestrepeller (1999)[3]
  • Data Rape (2000)[3]
  • Live At The Dream Palace (2000)[3]
  • Vibrations (2000)[3]
  • Continuum (2001)[1]
  • Worn To A Shadow (2005)


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