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Expert International GmbH
Industry Retail
Founded 1967 (as Intercop GmbH), 1971 (current name)
Headquarters Zug, Switzerland
Area served
Products Consumer electronics

Expert International GmbH is a Swiss consumer electronics retail chain headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.


The Intercop GmbH was founded in Zurich, Switzerland on October 16, 1967 by initiative of Gunnar Nygren, representing the Swedish radio and TV-retailer association Samex and representatives of five other national retail organizations.[1] The company was renamed Expert International GmbH in 1971. Retailers from other countries began to join the group which led to the Expert trademark being internationally registered.[2]

In 1999 the Expert Global group was formed following a letter of intent being signed with Associated Volume Buyers Inc. from the United States and Cantrex from Canada.

In 2001 Betta Stores from Australia and New Zealand joined the Expert Global group.

On the 18th of September 2012 Expert International's Swedish subsidiary, Expert AB, filed for bankruptcy.


Expert has stores in 22 countries. Through subsidiaries, franchises and partially owned companies, the group has more than 7400 stores.[3]


In motorsport, Expert is known as a sponsor of Norwegian WRC driver Henning Solberg.

In Norway there are 261 Expert stores with the brands Expert, Expert Bonus and El-Kjeden. Expert also owns 63% of the online store BestBuy. 60 stores are owned by Expert ASA.


In Denmark Expert is the largest retailer in its segment through the subsidiary Elbodan. The company operates 445 stores, including Elbodan, Punk1, Expert and 2tal.


In Sweden, Expert operated 222 stores throughout the country before the bankruptcy on 18 September 2012. However, Expert still operates a warehouse serving stores in neighbouring countries.

Faroe Islands[edit]

In the Faroe Islands Expert operates only 1 store.

Åland Islands[edit]

In Åland Expertin has 1 store in Mariehamn.


In Finland Expert operates 48 stores (Jan. 2016) throughout the country, after it bought 51% of Konepiste in 2007.


In Estonia Expert operates 16 stores.


In Belgium Expert operates 42 stores


In Germany Expert (expert AG Deutschland, Langenhagen) operates 430 stores.


In Greece Expert operates 30 stores.


In Ireland there are 63 stores. Four of these stores are owned directly by Expert Ireland and the other 59 franchised out to independent retailers.


In France Expert operates 144 stores.


In Austria Expert operates 122 stores.

Czech Republic[edit]

In the Czech Republic Expert operates 52 stores.


In Iceland Expert currently has no stores.


In Italy Expert operates 292 stores.

The Netherlands[edit]

In The Netherlands Expert operates 150 stores.


In Portugal, Expert is part of CODELPOR, a company part of the SUSIARTE GROUP. It operates 41 stores and it is expanding.


In Spain Expert operates 84 stores.


In Slovakia Expert operates 6 stores and more stores are planned.

Australia/New Zealand[edit]

Betta Electrical in Australia/New Zealand are part of the Expert Global Group and have 170 stores across the two countries.


In Croatia Expert operates 5 stores and more stores are planned.


In Hungary Expert operates 75 stores and more stores are planned.

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