Explode a Bombshell

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Explode a Bombshell
EP by Bomb Factory
Released December 1994
Genre Hard rock
Hardcore punk
Heavy metal
Bomb Factory chronology
Explode a Bombshell
Blade of a Knife
(1996)Blade of a Knife1996

Explode a Bombshell is the first mini-album CD release by punk rock band Bomb Factory. The album was an independent release and is extremely rare. It is unknown how many pressings were produced. References to the album on the band's official website are also obscure and often omitted.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wild Life"
  2. "Sick to You"
  3. "Go Hard"
  4. "Break Out"
  5. "Gobble Up"
  6. "United Warriors"
  7. "Burly Boys"

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