Exploration Earth: The Time Machine

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Exploration Earth: The Time Machine
Doctor Who Radio play
Genesis of the Daleks (audio).jpg
Cover of the CD release.
Written by Bernard Venables
Produced by Mike Howarth
David Lyttle
Production code N/A
Series N/A (aired during Series 14)
Length 1 episode, 20 min
Originally broadcast 4 October 1976
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"Exploration Earth: The Time Machine" is an episode of the BBC Schools radio drama series Exploration Earth, a series exploring geography. It was the third episode in this series. As it was an educational programme, it used the Doctor Who format and elements to explore the processes of the creation of the Earth. It was recorded on 27 April 1976 with Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen reprising their TV roles as the Doctor and Sarah Jane. Joining them was John Westbrook as Megron, High Lord of Chaos.

It was broadcast on 4 October 1976 on BBC Radio 4.

CD Release[edit]

Exploration Earth: The Time Machine was released on CD, paired with Genesis of the Daleks, in 2001. It was also given away on its own as a free CD with the 28 April 2010 edition of The Daily Telegraph newspaper via WHSmith.

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