Exploring (Learning for Life)

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Owner Learning for Life
Headquarters Irving, Texas
Country United States
Founded 1949
  • 114,894 youth
  • 26,170 adults
  • 5,058 posts (2013)[1]
 Scouting portal

Exploring is an interactive, worksite-based career education shivam[definition needed] of Learning for Life, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America. Participants in the program are called Explorers and previously Explorer Scouts. The program serves youth in 6th-8th grades (Exploring clubs), and young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old (Exploring posts). Exploring units (clubs or posts), are sponsored by local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, and usually focus on a single career field, but can also introduce youth to a variety of career fields within a single unit.

Prior to 1998, the Exploring program was the main BSA program for older youth and included posts with an emphasis on outdoor activities, which are now part of the Venturing program.[2]

Fields of interest[edit]

Exploring has categorized its programs into twelve fields:


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