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Exploring Tomorrow was an American old-time radio series which ran on the Mutual Broadcasting System from December 4, 1957 until June 13, 1958.[1][2] An advertisement described it as "the first science-fiction show of science-fictioneers, by science-fictioneers and for science-fictioneers - real science fiction for a change!"[3]

Exploring Tomorrow was narrated by John W. Campbell, editor of Astounding Magazine. Campbell guided the career of many of the great science fiction writers of the era.


  • Producer-director: Sanford Marshall.
  • Announcer: Bill Mahr, Guy Wallace
  • Cast:Mandel Kramer, Bryna Raeburn, Lawson Zerbe, Lon Clark, Mason Adams, Connie Lembcke, Larry Haines, Don Douglas, Bret Morrison, Charlotte Sheffield
  • Theme: As Time Goes By [2]
  • Writers: Randall Garrett, Gordon R. Dickson, Robert Silverberg,[3] Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Poul Anderson, John Fleming, Raymond E. Banks, George O. Smith,[4] Tom Godwin

List of episodes[edit]

List of Exploring Tomorrow Episodes


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