Explosion in Bergen 1944

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Memorial by Ankerhytten Fjeldly on the mountain Sandviksfjellet This marks where a piece of the anchor belonging to Voorbode landed, 3 km from the explosion area.

Coordinates: 60°23′58″N 5°18′59″E / 60.39944°N 5.31639°E / 60.39944; 5.31639

The Harbour explosion occurred in Bergen, Norway on 20 April 1944.


The Dutch vessel Voorbode loaded with 273,000 lb of explosives caught fire and exploded by the quay in the center of Bergen Vågen at 08:39. 158 people (including 98 civilians) were killed and some 4,800 wounded. 131 houses were destroyed outright, while 117 were so damaged that they had to be condemned.


Following the explosion 4,260 children were evacuated. Important cultural buildings, including Nykirken, the Customs House, Bryggen, the Rosenkrantz Tower and the Haakon's Hall, were severely damaged, but have later been restored.


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