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Export is a Canadian line of cigarettes and rolling tobacco produced by JTI Macdonald. It was introduced in 1928 by Macdonald Tobacco as Macdonald's Gold Standard, the boxes were marked "Export" and they quickly became known under that name. The most recognized products are the Export 'A' product line. However, JTI also produces an unfiltered 'Export Plain' cigarette and Export rolling tobacco.

Ad for Export cigarettes in Toronto, ca. 1958


  • Export Plain (unfiltered)
  • Export A Authentic Flavour (charcoal filter)
  • Export A Full Flavour (green)
  • Export A Medium (dark blue)
  • Export A Rich (red)
  • Export A Smooth (gold)
  • Export A Extra Smooth (silver)
  • Export A Ultra smooth (light blue)