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Export Development Canada
Crown Corporation, Financial Services
IndustryBanking, Financial Services, Credit Insurance
FoundedOttawa, Ontario, Canada, 1944
HeadquartersOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Benoit Daignault (President and CEO)[1]
Total assets$60,120 Million (F2017)[2]
Number of employees
1,200 (F2013)

Export Development Canada (EDC; French: Exportation et développement Canada) is Canada's export credit agency and a state-owned enterprise wholly owned by the Government of Canada. Its mandate is to support and develop trade between Canada and other countries and Canada's competitiveness in the international market-place.[3] EDC products and services include trade credit insurance, export financing for Canadian companies and for their foreign customers, bonding solutions, international market expertise, as well as information on opportunities in international markets.[4][5][6]

EDC was founded in 1944. Its corporate headquarters is located in Ottawa and has 17 regional offices across Canada and permanent representations in 12 foreign markets.[7][8]


In 1944, the Export Credits Insurance Act was proclaimed. Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) was created following WWII to help stimulate the Canadian economy, create jobs and help Canadian exporters. The Export Development Act proclaimed on October 1, 1969, repealed Part 1 of the Export Credits Insurance Act and established the Export Development Corporation (EDC) as successor to all property, rights, and obligations.[9] In 2001, EDC changed its name from Export Development Corporation to Export Development Canada[10]


EDC operates at arm's length from the federal government and according to commercial principles. EDC's mandate is spelled out in the Export Development Act. In response to the global credit crunch, in 2009 the Government of Canada broadened EDC's mandate and scope of activity for a two-year period to include support for domestic trade and domestic business opportunities. The period was extended to March 12, 2014.[11]

The Corporation is financially self-sustaining. EDC raises funds by charging fees for its services and interest on its loans, as well as issuing debt in capital markets.

EDC operates according to a Corporate Plan approved annually by the federal government, and its Operating Principles dictate that it conducts its business in a manner that is respectful of applicable international agreements to which Canada is a party; is consistent with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments; and ensures the sound financial management of its activities.[12]

EDC publishes an online magazine for Canadian Exporters, ExportWise (Exportateurs avertis in French).

In 2011, EDC and BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) announced the signing of a new protocol to coordinate collaborative efforts between the two Crown corporations to better benefit Canadian businesses.[13]

In addition to the Ottawa headquarters, EDC operates from 18 regional offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, etc., as well as representation abroad including China, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, United States, and more.

Executive team[edit]

As of August 2016

  • Benoit Daignault - President and CEO
  • Carl Burlock - SVP and Global Head, Financing and Investments
  • Al Hamdani - SVP and Chief Risk Officer, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Stephanie Butt Thibodeau - SVP Human Resources
  • Ken Kember - SVP, Finance and Technology, Chief Financial Officer
  • Catherine Decarie - SVP, Corporate Affairs
  • Derek Layne - SVP, Strategy and Innovation
  • Jim McArdle - SVP and Chief Corporate Advisor
  • Mairead Lavery - SVP, Business Development
  • Clive Witter - SVP, Insurance


EDC provides trade credit insurance and export financial services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters and investors and their international buyers. EDC also supports Canadian direct investment abroad and investment into Canada. Much of its business is done in partnership with other financial institutions and through collaboration with the government of Canada. EDC’s business solutions can help companies who want to:[14]

  • Grow their business
  • Get financing
  • Protect against risk
  • Free up working capital
  • Invest in foreign markets


EDC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives primarily from the private sector. The Board's responsibility is to supervise the direction and management of EDC. The Board reports to Parliament through the Minister for International Trade. Board members are appointed by the Government of Canada.[15]

EDC's Board of Directors provides oversight for the Corporation's overall Corporate Social Responsibility orientation. This program includes environmental, human rights and political risk assessments for each transaction being considered.

Board of Directors[edit]

As of August 2016[15]

  • Boivin, J.
  • Burghardt, J.
  • Clarke, H.
  • Culbert, H.
  • Gordon, L.
  • Khurana, V.
  • Lifson, E.
  • McLeese, R..
  • Stefanson, J.
  • Steiner, J.
  • Thibault, D.
  • Warn-Schindel, K.

Corporate social responsibility[edit]

Corporate social responsibility is an operating principle at EDC,[16] as demonstrated through the continuing partnership with CARE Canada.[17] as well as various awards and recognitions given to the company (See Awards and recognitions section).

Youth Education Program[18] – International Business Scholarships: EDC awards up to 30 scholarships annually, 25 of which go to undergraduate university or college students interested in pursuing a career or furthering their studies in international business, with up to 5 additional scholarships for students in programs which combine business with environmental or sustainability studies. An EDC scholarship is worth a $4,000 cash award.

Events by EDC[edit]

EDC participates in many events, both their own hosted and partnered events, including conferences, webinars, matchmaking sessions, and roundtable discussions.

Notable EDC events include:

Lets Talk Exports: Each spring, EDC’s Vice-President and Chief Economist travels across Canada to share his view on the global economy.[19]

Global Export Forecast: EDC’s Vice-President & Chief Economist provides attendees an insightful look at what Canadian exporters and investors may expect for the upcoming year. The Global Export Forecast is produced twice per year in April and October.[20]

Awards and recognitions[edit]

EDC was listed as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers by Mediacorp Canada, 2017. The national competition recognizes Canadian employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional workplaces for their employers, grading businesses in eight key areas, including: physical workspace; work atmosphere and social, performance management, and health, financial and family benefits.

EDC has also been identified as the eighth top sustainability performer in Canada, according to the 2017 publication of Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders by Corporate Knights.[21]

EDC was recognized as Best Global Export Credit Agency by Trade Finance at its 2016 Annual Trade Finance and Global Awards ceremony held in London UK, March 16, 2016.

EDC received the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada's 2015 Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting – Federal Crown (Large).

In January 2013, the head office for EDC located in downtown Ottawa was granted LEED for Core and Shell (CS) Gold certification by the Canadian Green Building Council[22] . Also in 2013, EDC has won two Gold Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for its 2012 Employee Conference and for Link Magazine, its internal employee magazine.[23]

EDC's productions have also garnered much recognition.

In 2017: For Canada's Top 100 Employers Award

For Canada's Top Family-Friendly Employers Award

In 2016:

For the Telly Awards (New York, New York)

Bronze Award - (Directing)

  • Ocean Rodeo Customer Profile

Silver Award - (Cinematography)

  • Argon 18 Customer Profile

Bronze Award - (Craft-Editing)

  • Argon 18 Customer Profile

Bronze Award - (General-Commercials)

  • Argon 18 Customer Profile

Bronze Award - (Craft-Directing)

  • Argon 18 Customer Profile

For the MarCom Awards (Arlington, Texas)

Platinum Award (Film/Video)

  • Argon 18 Customer Profile

For the IABC Canada Silver Leaf Awards

Award of Excellence (Social Media Program)

  • Ocean Rodeo Social Media Campaign

In 2015:

For the MarCom Awards (Arlington, Texas)

Platinum Award (Film/Video)

  • Ocean Rodeo Customer Profile

In 2014:

For the MarCom Awards (Arlington, Texas)

Gold Award (Film/Video)

  • Survival Systems Limited Customer Profile
  • Endurance Wind Power Customer Profile

Platinum Award (Film/Video)

  • Cavalia Customer Profile
  • Cowater Customer Profile

For the Telly Awards (New York, New York)

Bronze Award - (Editing)

  • Cowater Customer Profile
  • Cavalia Customer Profile

Bronze Award - (Cinematography)

  • Cavalia Customer Profile

Silver Award - (Cinematography)

  • Cowater Customer Profile

In 2013:

For the Telly Awards (New York, New York)

Bronze Award - (Cinematography)

  • Ostara Customer Profile
  • Nexterra Customer Profile

Bronze Award - (Film Editing)

  • Nexterra Customer Profile

Silver Award - (Film Editing)

  • Kinross - CSR Profile
  • Ostara Customer Profile

For the Communicator Awards (New York, New York)

Award Of Excellence - Gold (Cinematography)

  • Nexterra Customer Profile
  • Ostara Customer Profile

Award Of Excellence - Gold (Film Editing)

  • Nexterra Customer Profile
  • Ostara Customer Profile


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