Exposition Internationale d'Anvers (1894)

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1894 Antwerp
Val-Saint-Lambert JPG001.jpg
Monumental vase created for the exposition
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
Area65.5 acres (265,000 m2)
Organized byCount Hippolyte d'Ursel was Commissioner General and Count de Pret Roose de Calesburg was President of the Executive Committee
Coordinates51°12′27″N 4°23′25″E / 51.207389°N 4.390222°E / 51.207389; 4.390222Coordinates: 51°12′27″N 4°23′25″E / 51.207389°N 4.390222°E / 51.207389; 4.390222
Opening5 May 1894
Closure5 November 1894

Exposition Internationale d'Anvers was a World's Fair held in Antwerp, Belgium between 5 May and 5 November in 1894. It covered 65.5 acres (265,000 m2), attracted 3 million visits and made a profit.[1] It took place at the same location as the Exposition Universelle d'Anvers, held in 1885.[2]

Participating Nations[edit]

There were several participating nations:

Congo, Denmark, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Persia, Portugal, Kingdom of Romania, Russia, the South African Republic (for which Gerard Jacob Theodoor Beelaerts van Blokland was Commissaire Général),[3] Switzerland and the Ottoman Empire.

There was also a joint presence from Sweden and Norway.

As well as Netherlands itself there were presentations of the Dutch East Indies including Java, parts of Sumatra and Madura.[4]

Fair officials[edit]

Count Hippolyte d'Ursel was the commissioner general and Count de Pret Roose de Calesburg the president of the executive committee.[5]


Walter MacEwen won a medal of honor (grand prize).[6]

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