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Exposure may refer to:

Law and finance[edit]


  • Exposure (photography), the quantity of light or other radiation reaching a photographic film (or sensor), as determined by shutter speed and lens aperture
  • Exposure value, a value given to all combinations of camera shutter speed and aperture that gives the same exposure

Science and medicine[edit]

  • Radiation exposure, a measure of the ionization of air due to ionizing radiation from photons, that is, gamma rays and X-rays
  • Radiant exposure, the radiant energy received by a surface per unit area, or equivalently the irradiance of a surface integrated over time of irradiation
  • In experimental particle physics (in particular beam experiments or flux measurements), the product of the detector mass times the duration of the experiment, sometimes also multiplied by a measure of the intensity of the incoming flux
  • In geology, an occurrence of a rock at the Earth's surface - an outcrop
  • In biology, contact of an organism with a harmful agent (for example, chemicals)
  • Exposure (heights), in climbing, the degree of risk in the event of a fall
  • A condition of very poor health or death resulting from lack of protection over prolonged periods under weather, extreme temperatures or dangerous substances, e.g. hypothermia and sunburn
  • Exposure assessment, in the context of epidemiology and risk assessment
  • Exposure therapy, a treatment method for anxiety disorders
  • Mere-exposure effect, a psychological artefact

Film and TV[edit]



  • The Exposures, a pseudonym for the German electronic musician Jan Jelinek



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