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The Express 27

The Express 27 is an ultra-light displacement sloop designed by Carl Schumacher. It was built by Terry Alsberg at Alsberg Brothers Boatworks in Santa Cruz, California from 1981 to 1988. As of 2016, approximately 25% of the boats built in California are still raced competitively in the San Francisco Bay. The fleet continues to own the original molds of the boats.

LOA 27' 3"
LWL 23' 9"
Beam 8'
Draft 4'6" (fin)
Ballast 1100 lb
Displacement 2450 lb
Sail Area 276 square feet (100%)
PHRF Rating 129 (N.Calif One Design Rating) / 135 (N.Calif with J-length pole)
Boats Built 117

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