Expresso Livre

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Expresso Livre
Developer(s) Celepar, Serpro,[1] Prognus Free Software,[2] Open Source Community
Stable release
2.0006 / May 19, 2010 (2010-05-19)
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in pt-br, en-us, es-es
Type Groupware
License GNU GPL v.2

The Expresso Livre is a collaborative software that gathers functions of electronic mail, calendar, contacts center, workflow and messenger developed by Celepar starting from the German tool Egroupware version 1.0.007. The basics provided modules are:

  • ExpressoMail. With interface based on AJAX
  • Expresso Calendar
  • Expresso Contact Center
  • Expresso Workflow With interface based on AJAX
  • Expresso Web Messenger With interface
  • Expresso File Sharing


Steering Committee[edit]

The guidelines of development of Expresso are decided by a Steering Committee, formed by the following entities:


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