Expresso das Ilhas

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Expresso das Ilhas
Type Weekly
Format National
President António Moreiro (as director)
Editor Elga Furtado
Founded 1991
Headquarters Praia - Achada de Santo António
Av. ONU 21, Cape Verde

Expresso das Ilhas (Portuguese for The Islands' Express) is a weekly Cape Verdean newspaper that covers its top stories in the archipelago and local stories from each island. The newspaper is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and has one of the largest circulations in Cape Verde. It was founded in 1991.[1][2] The newspaper is published in Portuguese, apart from some occasional articles in Cape Verdean Creole.

The newspaper is close to the Movement for Democracy (MPD) political party.

Its logo features a navy and light blue wave on the left.


Expresso das Ilhas features sports, weather, businesses, entertainment and sports. The newspaper is also available on the Internet.

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