Expressway S11 (Poland)

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Expressway S11 shield}}

Expressway S11
Droga ekspresowa S11
Route information
Length40.3 km (25.0 mi)
600 km (373 mi) planned
Major junctions
 S6-PL.svg S6 near Kołobrzeg (planned)

S10-PL.svg S10 near Piła (planned)
A2-PL.svg A2 and S5-PL.svg S5 near Poznań
S8-PL.svg S8 near Kępno (planned)

A1-PL.svg A1 near Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice (planned)
ToS1-PL.svg S1 near Pyrzowice
Major citiesKoszalin, Piła, Poznań
Highway system
National roads in Poland

Expressway S11 or express road S11 (in Polish droga ekspresowa S11) is a major road in Poland which has been planned to run from Kołobrzeg on the Baltic coast through Koszalin, Piła and Poznań to Pyrzowice (north of Katowice), a distance of about 550 km, largely following the route of existing National road 11 (DK11). A few short sections of the expressway exist or are under construction, but the bulk of it should be built only after 2020 as it has a lower priority than other express roads and motorways currently planned, with the precise construction timeline highly dependent on government funding decisions.[1] As of November 2017, 40.3 km (25 mi) of road was built out of the total planned length of 600 km (373 mi).

The only sections which have high priority are those which serve as bypasses of the city of Poznań. In June 2012, the whole of the S11 between DK92 and the A2 motorway opened to traffic. This stretch of the expressway serves as the western bypass of Poznań and provides faster access to Poznań's airport, as well as diverting most of the traffic away from Poznań's congested city centre. The section which serves as the city's western bypass was completed in 2014.