Expressway S74 (Poland)

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Expressway S74 shield}}

Expressway S74
Droga ekspresowa S74
Route information
Major junctions
From: S12-PL.svg S12 near Sulejów (planned)
  S7-PL.svg S7 near Kielce (planned)
To: S19-PL.svg S19 near Nisko (planned)
Major cities: Kielce
Highway system
National roads in Poland

Expressway S74 or express road S74 is major planned road in Poland connecting express road S12 near Sulejów and S19 near Nisko. From Opatów it is going to follow the current national road 74 toward Lipnik (where it's going to cross national road 9) and further is going to follow national road 77 toward express road S19 near Nisko.

Most of this road is still in planning stages and the exact route has not been established. The construction of the first 6.9 km (4.3 mi) long section near Kielce began in May 2009, and was finished in December 2011. A document outlining the future development of transport infrastructure issued by the Polish government in August, 2014 projects that the road will be fully completed in 2023. [1]


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