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Extell Development Company
IndustryReal estate development
FounderGary Barnett

Extell Development Company is an American real estate developer of residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use properties. Founded in 1989 by Gary Barnett, the company’s portfolio exceeds 20 million square feet.[1] The company has between 125 and 150 employees.[2] Prior to 2005, it was known as Intell Management and Investment.[3]

According to a survey conducted by The Real Deal, Extell is the most active builder in Manhattan, with at least 11 active projects totaling 5.7 million square feet.[2][4] Extell is known for kickstarting the "Billionaires' Row" towers below Central Park, and for constructing a number of different buildings on the Upper East Side, in Manhattan.[5]

In 2013, Extell came under fire in the New York Post and Gawker Media for building separate entrances for rich tenants and poor tenants in one or more of their Manhattan high-rise buildings.[6][7]


Notable properties owned or developed by the company are:


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