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ParadigmFunctional, multi-paradigm
Designed byAndrew Sorensen
First appeared2011; 8 years ago (2011)
Stable release
0.7.0 / April 18, 2016
Typing disciplineDynamic & static
OSMac OS X, Linux, Windows
License3-clause BSD
Influenced by

Extempore is a live coding environment focused on real-time audiovisual software development. It is designed to accommodate the demands of cyber-physical computing.[1] Extempore consists of two integrated languages, Scheme (with extensions) and Extempore Language. It uses the LLVM cross-language compiler to achieve performant digital signal processing and related low-level features, on-the-fly.[2]

Relationship to Impromptu[edit]

Extempore shares the use of Scheme syntax, real-time audiovisual emphasis and lead developer Andrew Sorenson with the older and related project Impromptu. It runs under both Linux and Mac OS X. The bindings to Apple libraries are absent, but the environment can interface with dynamic libraries.[3]


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