Extended Ultravox

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Extended Ultravox
Ultravox extended.jpg
Compilation album by Ultravox
Released 1998 (UK)
Genre Synthpop
Length 69:48
Label EMI
Producer Ultravox
Ultravox chronology
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
Extended Ultravox
The Island Years

Extended Ultravox is an Ultravox compilation of 12" extended versions of various Ultravox singles from the years 1980–1986 (the period with Midge Ure as frontman). The album was released in 1998.

The tracks on the discs are all extended mixes of Ultravox singles, available on their respective 12" versions. The notable exception to this is "Serenade" – a non-single track from Quartet. The "special re-mix" of this track was previously available on a remix LP available with limited copies of The Collection in 1984.

The rest of the remixes and extended versions that Ultravox made are available on the Rare compilations or as bonus tracks on various Ultravox album CD re-issues.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "All Stood Still" (12" Version) – 5:08
  2. "Reap the Wild Wind (Extended Version)" – 4:45
  3. "We Came to Dance (Extended Version)" – 7:37
  4. "Serenade (Special Re-Mix)" – 6:04
  5. "One Small Day (Special Re-Mix)" – 7:50
  6. "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (Special Re-Mix)" – 10:02
  7. "Lament (Extended Mix)" – 8:03
  8. "Love's Great Adventure (Extended Version)" – 5:42
  9. "Same Old Story (Extended Version)" – 6:59
  10. "All Fall Down (Extended Mix)" – 7:41