Exterminator 17

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Exterminator 17
(Exterminateur 17)
cover of 2002 edition
Date 1977
Publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés
Creative team
Writers Jean-Pierre Dionnet
Artists Enki Bilal
Colorists Patricia Bilal
Dan Brown, 2002 ed.
Original publication
Published in Métal Hurlant
  1. 11 - #19
Date of publication 1976
Language French
ISBN 2-902123-77-9
Publisher Humanoids Publishing
Date 2002
ISBN 1-930652-50-X
Translator Justin Kelly

Exterminator 17 (French: Exterminateur 17) is a French comic written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet and drawn by Enki Bilal. It appeared in Metal Hurlant magazine in 1979. A second trilogy, entitled La Trilogie d'Ellis and drawn by Igor Baranko, was published in 2003-2008.


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