Extinction of Mankind

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For the extinction of mankind, see Human extinction.
Extinction of Mankind
Origin England
Genres Crust punk, extreme metal, anarcho-punk
Years active 1992–present
Labels Profane Existence, Moshpit Tragedy Records
Members Ste
Past members Mass

Extinction of Mankind is an English crust punk band, formed in 1992.


The original line-up consisted of Ste (vocals), Mass (Guitar), Fozzy (Bass) and Foz (Drums). After several gigs the band recorded their first split EP with the band Warcollapse, it saw a release at the end of 1993. Next, the band headed out on a tour in Sweden with the crust band Doom. They would go on to record another split ep, with Doom this time. This album was released in 1994. The band returned to Europe and picked up another tour with Doom. During this time the Weakness EP was recorded and released. After the European tour, Fozzy left the band to be replaced by Ginny on Bass, and work on the Baptised in Shit album began. The band finished the album, set out on another European tour with Warcollapse and released the LP while on the road.

In 1996, they toured with the famous American crust band Misery, while Marvin from The Varukers filled in on bass while Ginny attended to family matters. During this time, the Extinction of Mankind/Misery split EP was planned. In early 1998, the band recorded the Scars of Mankind EP. Around this time Foz left the band to be replaced by Tony on drums. The band then set out on a tour to England and Scotland with Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade. During this time Scoot came in to be the band's guitarist. In 1999, the band toured Sweden and Norway with Wolfpack and Skitsystem. During this time the Extinction of Mankind/Misery split was finally put in motion. In 2000, the band toured the US with Misery and in 2001 the split album, Apocalyptic Crust, was finally released.

In 2002, 3 cover songs (Amebix's "Sunshine Ward", Antisect's "Out From the Void", and Discharge's "Ain't No Feeble Bastard") recorded during the Apocalyptic Crust sessions were released as the 3 song EP called Ale to England. Much to the dismay of the band and fans the record was not re-pressed.[1] In 2003, the band set forth to record their second LP, The Nightmare Seconds..., which was finally released in 2004. This was released on CD by the band's own label Xtinction Records and on vinyl by Profane Existence. In 2006, the band recorded their next LP, Northern Scum.

On 6 March 2007, Ale to England was re-issued on CD through Montreal, Canada's Moshpit Tragedy Records.[2] The re-issue also contains new cover art (as the band was not pleased with the cover art that ended up on the original 7") plus 9 live tracks recorded at Sozzfest 2005, a celebration of the life of Wayne Southworth, late singer of Doom who died. Tony also had a vocal apparition with the legendary band Saxon at the Wacken Open Air festival 2007 singing the title Strangers In The Night.


  • Baptised in Shit LP (1997)
  • The Nightmare Seconds... LP (2004)
  • Northern Scum LP (2006)
  • Extinction of Mankind / Doom Split
  • Extinction of Mankind / Misery Split
  • Extinction of Mankind / Warcollapse Split
  • Extinction of Mankind / Phobia Split


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