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In the European Union, "extracomunitarian" (i.e., from outside the European Community) is a formally defined title that applies to all non-European Union citizens.[1] Much like the word "migrant",[2] "extracomunitarian" is supposed to refer to citizens of any non-EU nation (e.g., also USA, Australia, Canada, or Switzerland), but it is usually overtoned to refer to migrants that legally or illegally enter Europe from developing countries.[3] As such, it is mostly used in reference to issues such as discrimination (and integration) of immigrants, migrant workers,[4] immigration laws, and multi-ethnic society.[5]

After the 2009 Lisbon Treaty that unified the legal personality of the European Union with the former European Communities, the term "extracomunitarian" is no longer used in formal contexts, where it can be replaced by expressions such as "non EU citizens" or "third country nationals".


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