Extravaganza (TV series)

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StarringIndra Birowo
Virnie Ismail
Rony Dozer
Tike Priatnakusumah
Ronal Surapradja
Sogi Indra Dhuaja
Cathy Sharon
Luna Maya
Edric Tjandra
Ence Bagus
Ananda Omesh
Gilang Dirgahari
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s)Indonesian
Production location(s)Trans TV Studio
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time120 minutes
Original networkTrans TV
Picture formatPAL (576i)
Original releaseMay 30, 2004 –
November 28, 2009
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Extravaganza is a two-hour comedy variety show taped in Jakarta, Indonesia, which has been broadcast by Trans TV on Saturday and Monday night since its debut on May 30, 2004 until November 28, 2009. At the time, it's the most popular comedy variety show in Indonesia.


  • Tora Sudiro
  • Indra Birowo
  • Rony Dozer Karli
  • Virnie Ismail
  • Ronal Surapradja
  • Tike Priatnakusumah
  • Aming
  • Tinka Dasia*
  • Mieke Amalia*
  • Sogi Indra Dhuaja
  • Gilang Dirgahari
  • And other new characters: Edric Tjandra, Lia Ananta*, Ence Bagus, and Farid Shigeta*.

It also stars four finalists of Kampus Extravaganza, a show to find new characters ('extras') for Extravaganza. They are T.J., Sentot* now known as (Papham Ashari), Ananda Omesh and Ammho*. There are also newer members, like Cathy Sharon and Luna Maya

Notes: *(*)No longer starred in Extravaganza


Every episode of Extravaganza will have guests, for example: Cinta Laura, Ungu, etc.

The show became successful due to its creativity and originality, a new, fresh kind of comedy show in Indonesia. This however, is debatable since the format of the show appeared to be strongly based on foreign comedy shows, most prominently the American Saturday Night Live (SNL). Most of the comedic scenario the show used was based (sometimes even almost identical, word for word) on jokes circulating in the Internet and common Indonesian jokes.

Segment in Extravaganza[edit]

Some segment on Extravaganza such as:

  • Sketsa Komedi (Comedy Sketch) - Comedy story like the real-life story. Usually based on true life-story, anime, manga, Western cartoon, Indonesia fighting, folktale, or even pre-historic era.
  • Gerimis - Parody of Trans TV program Ceriwis with the tagline "Yoo...Miss..."
  • Legenda Extravaganza (Extravaganza Legend)
  • Bincang-bincang Extravaganza (Extravaganza Talk) - Talk show segment with Tike Priyatnakusumah.
  • Extranews - News segment presented by Edric Tjandra, Indra Birowo or Shogi. Edric always presented the news with perfunctory Chinese language.
  • Sinden Gosip - Infotainment segment presented by Tike and TJ which brought with Sundanese song.
  • Berpacu dengan Muladi - Music quiz parodied from TVRI program Berpacu Dalam Melodi.
  • Teka-Teki Selebritis (Celebrity Crosswords)
  • Makelar (Lima Kelip Terpopular) - Music segment which presented some Indonesian music video clip that had been parodied by the Extravaganza cast.
  • Termelet-melet - Like Gerimis, but the real-show that been parodied is the Trans TV program Termehek-Mehek.
  • Mauneh (Manusia Unik dan Aneh) - A segment that introduced people with some unique and strange look.
  • Bedak (Berdua Dalam Kamar)


  • Aming, Indra Birowo, and Tora Sudiro appears at Indonesian movie, "Janji Joni".
  • Indra Birowo and Ence Bagus starred in the movie "Setannya Kok Beneran".

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