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Extreme Ghost Stories is a British supernatural documentary television series produced by ITV Granada, consisting of four less-than-one-hour episodes.

Origin and notes[edit]

In 2005, ITV Granada appealed for those whose lives had been affected by ghostly experiences to contact the station regarding production of a paranormal series.[1] The series was broadcast by ITV in 2006,[2] and was later shown on American cable channel WE tv in September 2007. The series featured drama reconstructions of ghostly encounters of some well-known haunted locations as well as individual cases not known to paranormal enthusiasts. Featured in the series were interviews with resident Most Haunted Live! historian and Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders presenter Lesley Smith. The series was narrated by veteran Rob Brown.

A recurring supernatural entity in the series is the black mass, a dark form with a vaguely humanoid stance, which witnesses unanimously feel represents pure evil.


Episode Cases Air Date
1 The Skirrid Mountain Inn
Enfield Poltergeist
Maes Artro heritage museum, Snowdonia
Haunted nursery
Haunted house, Kilsyth
2006 (ITV); 8 Sept 2007 (WE tv)
2 Michelham Priory
Victorian mansion, Ryde ft. Ed Paine
Naworth level crossing
Plas Teg
Swindon railway works
2006 (ITV); 15 Sept 2007 (WE tv)
3 Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
The Mackenzie Poltergeist
Fishing trawler
Tutbury Castle
Victoria Avenue, Hastings
2006 (ITV); 22 Sept 2007 (WE tv)
4 Haunted mansion, Penwith
Fobbing poltergeist
The First and Last Inn, Land's End
Freemans catalogue HQ, South London
Bodilly Manor, Wendron, Cornwall
2006 (ITV); 29 Sept 2007 (WE tv)

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