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Extreme Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters (logo).png
Based on
Developed by
Voices of
Opening theme"Ghostbusters" by Jim Cummings
ComposerJim Latham
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes40
Executive producers
Production companies
Original networkSyndication (Bohbot Kids Network)
Original releaseSeptember 1 (1997-09-01) –
December 8, 1997 (1997-12-08)
Preceded byThe Real Ghostbusters (1986–1991)

Extreme Ghostbusters is an American animated television series based on the Ghostbusters franchise. It is a spin-off to the animated series The Real Ghostbusters.[1] The series originally aired on the syndicated Bohbot Kids Network's "Extreme Block" in 1997, and features a team of younger college-age Ghostbusters who are led by veteran Ghostbuster Egon Spengler.[2] In some TV listings, the series was called Ghostbusters Dark.[3]


Set years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters, lack of supernatural activity has put the Ghostbusters out of business. Each member has gone their separate way, except for Dr. Egon Spengler, who still lives in the firehouse to monitor the containment unit, take care of Slimer, further his studies and teach a class on the paranormal at a local college. When ghosts start to reappear, Egon is forced to recruit his lone four students as the new Ghostbusters. These are Kylie Griffin, who is a goth genius and expert on occultism; Eduardo Rivera, a cynical Latino slacker; Garrett Miller, a young white paraplegic athlete who uses a wheelchair; and Roland Jackson, a studious African-American machinery whiz. Filling the cast are Janine Melnitz, the Ghostbusters' previous secretary who returns to the job, and Slimer, a hungry ghost.

The series follows the adventures of this "Next Generation" of Ghostbusters tracking down and capturing ghosts all over New York and occasionally beyond the city. The series is styled as a supernatural comedy, following the trend set by its predecessor, but given an updated and darker feel. This is reflected by the use of a gritty, rock/punk-inspired variation of Ray Parker Jr.'s song "Ghostbusters" as the opening theme, written by Jim Latham and performed by voice actor Jim Cummings. Recurring themes throughout the series are the new team learning to work together despite their differences, Janine's largely unrequited affection for Egon, the love-hate relationship between Kylie and Eduardo that is never resolved, and the Ghostbusters' frequent clashes with authority figures who disbelieve their work.


From left to right in front: Garrett Miller, Slimer, Kylie Griffin, Eduardo Rivera, and Roland Jackson.
  • Slimer (voiced by Billy West) – Slimer remains the most unchanged of all the characters in terms of personality. However, he is given a less cartoony look to fit in with the series' overall style. In "Fear Itself", it's revealed that Slimer is afraid of broccoli (which is ironic, as he has been shown to eat anything). Slimer is very well-meaning, but is often pushed around by the Ghostbusters as he gets in their way and eats continually. His actions often affect the story, usually adversely, though he often acts to fix his mistakes and on a number of occasions has been shown to have a heroic nature and that he can wield a proton pack.[4] He's got a strong rivalry with Eduardo, similar to the one he had with Peter Venkman, though several episodes show that Eduardo – and the other Ghostbusters – do care for him as much as he annoys them.[5] He's been living with Egon for over a decade now, and the two are closer than in the original series; when trying to get Egon to discipline the ghost in "Glutton for Punishment", Janine says she knows the two have been through a lot together, and in "Slimer's Sacrifice" Egon immediately suits up to enter the Containment Unit to rescue him, but after he is attacked by the ghost, Eduardo goes in to save Slimer.
  • Eduardo Rivera (voiced by Rino Romano) – seemingly a lazy, sarcastic and somewhat clueless character, Eduardo nevertheless makes himself an integral part of the team by being determined and reliable. Eduardo, along with Garrett, resembles original Ghostbuster Peter Venkman in that, like Venkman, Eduardo is sarcastic, has a penchant for pursuing attractive women, and is generally unscientific and constantly spouts pop culture references. He also reads "J.N. Kline" young-adult horror novels. Eduardo has a long-running subplot dealing with a love/hate relationship between him and Kylie, although it is very much revealed "In Your Dreams" that he has intimate feelings and dreams about her. These feelings are further enforced in that he is usually the one to rescue Kylie from dangerous situations, and vice versa, in several episodes. He once said to Kylie herself that nothing was going to happen to her "while [he's] around". In fact, in the episode "Darkness at Noon" he outright admitted to Kylie, who was possessed by a ghost at the time, that he felt an attraction of sorts when he saw her for the first time and even showed the intention of kissing her when Kylie asked him to. In "The Unseen" he takes the rap for Kylie's mistake, not wanting "the worst day of her life to get any worse". In "Rage", Eduardo reveals to have an older brother, Carlos "Carl" Rivera, an NYPD officer who is angry with Eduardo for not being a police officer like the rest of their family, and thinks the Ghostbuster are a scam, which is why Eduardo kept his job a secret. In the same episode it is also implied that his father is dead (or at least retired) as he and Carlos refer to him in the past tense during a heated argument. In "Fear Itself", it's revealed that Eduardo has a fear of death (specifically his own). He has a vicious rivalry with Slimer, but has ended up working with the ghost, and volunteered to save him in "Slimer's Sacrifice". He also has an on the surface rivalry with Garrett with the two often mocking each other and attempting to one up the other. In spite of this as the series goes on the two seem to have the closest thing to a friendship even though Garrett's enthusiastic personality completely contrasts Eduardo's cynical attitude. The official website claimed he slacks off due to fear of failure.[6] Despite all his cynicism and slacking he demonstrates a reasonably high level of intelligence as in the episode "Eyes of a Dragon" he states how the proton aspect of light works to Kylie and later on how to defeat the ghost of that episode. Eduardo was also the one to smash a cursed orb, causing the eye-stealing ghost to disintegrate in the episode "The Unseen" and also continued the incantation that destroyed the demon of an alternate dimension in which he, Roland and Kylie were imprisoned in the episode "Casting the Runes". Eduardo has also exhibited bouts of jealousy whenever Kylie seemingly flirts with other men and in "Till Death Do Us Start" he showed signs of sheepish nervousness when asked if he and Kylie were together. In an interview and the book "Ghostbusters the Ultimate Visual History" Rino Romano commented that "spiritually, and I know this sounds kind of stupid, but I thought I was born to play that role. Eduardo was basically the loveable character. He's in love with the girl but he's too much of a wuss to admit it. He's both the comic relief and the antihero, and the romantic foil. Extreme Ghostbusters was the best-written show, because it wasn't just about the ghostbusting, it was about the characters".
  • Kylie Griffin (voiced by Tara Strong) – the only member of the new team to have any sort of paranormal knowledge (much like Egon) before signing up as a Ghostbuster, after her friend Jack was a victim of the Grundel. Kylie is in awe of Egon when the series began, but this soon shifts to a more equal footing, and becomes somewhat of the unofficial leader in the field, after Egon. Kylie's calm exterior often sets her as a foil against Eduardo's brashness, as part of the ongoing love/hate dynamic between the two. Although she has never admitted it, she often seemed to appreciate Eduardo's feeling towards her, such as giving a thankful smile on the occasions when he saves her life and vice versa. She is also the one who most commonly wields the Ghost Traps. She is depicted as something of a "Goth" girl, judging by the black hair and lipstick. In the episode "Grease", it is revealed that her parents divorced and she currently lives alone with her cat; she was highly close to her grandmother Rose, who died a year before the show started, and both her interest in the paranormal and Gothic styling are implied to be related to her grandmother's death. In "Fear Itself", it's revealed that Kylie is afraid of maggots as she finds them creepy, and in "Heart of Darkness" she used to be "Cheerleader of the Year" when she was in the 8th Grade of her junior high school (something she finds mortifying). There is a running gag where she often replies with the sentence, "I'm not a...", followed by what has happened. It is also hinted throughout the series that she's attracted to older, intelligent men. Kylie Griffin also appears in the Ghostbusters comic books published by IDW Publishing. In the comics, she originally only appeared in cameo roles as a worker in Ray Stantz's occult book shop before being made a Ghostbuster in issues starting in 2013.[7]
  • Roland Jackson (voiced by Alfonso Ribeiro) – the mechanic of the group. Roland is the most level-headed and mechanically gifted of the new Ghostbusters, helping Egon repair and improve the Proton Packs and Ecto-1; his reason for joining Egon's class was seeing the Ecto-1 at an auto show. Roland approaches the paranormal from a practical point-of-view, and in the episode "Fear Itself" reveals that his only fear is the dangerous breakdown of his equipment. In "The Infernal Machine", he became disgruntled that his technological efforts were being taken for granted. Roland's strongest wish is to get into the Ivy League and become a doctor. He's a very staid, square personality, slow to anger, though he came close to striking one of the racists in "The True Face of the Monster"; it's implied he's had to deal with racist attitudes before. Roland has twice come under the mental control of villains, the Siren in "Sonic Youth" and Luko in "The Infernal Machine". "Grease" reveals Roland is the oldest in a lower-middle-class family and volunteers for the Little League and helps the homeless; in "Grundelesque" he has a very mischievous younger brother whom Roland (at first) refuses to believe is a troublemaker. Like Winston, Roland is the only African American member of the team, yet he has a talent with machines like Ray.
  • Garrett Miller (voiced by Jason Marsden) – despite being paraplegic, Garret has a very 'jock'-like attitude and is a huge fan of extreme sports and attempting mad stunts. In the episode "Grease", it's revealed that Garrett was born with the inability to walk, and throughout the series he only refers to his condition to mock it (and in "Be Careful What You Wish For", uses it as an excuse to dump some work on Eduardo). He also once used it to convince two FBI agents to uncuff him, feigning helplessness. He is the most headstrong and enthusiastic of the new Ghostbusters, often claiming that he's in it only for the adrenaline rush; he was left bitterly disappointed in "Ghost Apocalyptic Future" to learn he was the only Ghostbuster not remembered in the future dystopia. While he studies to be a physical therapist to help other disabled people, his secret dream is to be an NBA star. In "Fear Itself", Garrett is claustrophobic (though he never admits it to anyone), and has a deep disdain towards people who assume disabled people are helpless. He has a rivalry with Eduardo, the two of them constantly bantering and trying to one-up each other. In "Deadliners", we find out Garrett wrote a (bad) horror story starring himself (the other Ghostbusters died on the first page, to their annoyance). Like Ray, Garrett is the most enthusiastic. Garrett is the only Ghostbuster in the history of the franchise never to be made as a toy (all other Ghostbusters received at least two toys, including Louis and Janine), presumably due to the implausibility of assembling a miniature wheelchair on a production line. Though a prototype figure was made. Bob Higgins has said that during a focus group of young children, the creators found Garrett was the most popular character: "When we asked... which of these characters would you want to be and they all wanted to be Garrett, they all wanted to be the guy that does the crazy things. They all wanted to be the guy that was the leader and they all kind of saw him as the leader of this group [even though he wasn't]".[8]
  • Egon Spengler (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) – the only original Ghostbuster to become a regular in this spin-off series, Egon takes on the role of mentor for the new team of Ghostbusters. He still lives in the fire house with Slimer, enabling the building to become the Ghostbusters headquarters when paranormal activity starts again. Before the first ghost escaped, Egon was teaching classes on the paranormal at New York City College – four people taking his class was double the usual. He usually leaves the field work to the new members, opting to provide audio back-up from the fire house and information on their current adversary, but has joined them in action when he feels the crisis requires his presence. Other than ghosts, he also has an interest in mold and started to grow cultures in Eduardo's bathtub when the two roomed together. He continues to have romantic tension with Janine. The official website listed his age at 41[9] though in "The Sphinx", while suffering a bit of a mid-life crisis, he said he was 39.
  • Janine Melnitz (voiced by Pat Musick) – the Ghostbusters' original receptionist returns to the role after she is reunited with Egon by taking his Paranormal 101 class at New York City College. Like Egon, she watches over the new team, and on occasion contributes an active part in ghostbusting. According to Egon, she also functions as the team's accountant and collector. She also shows off obvious signs of attraction to Egon, but he is completely oblivious to this, which only frustrates her. The official website said "she's spent the last decade flitting from job to job... trying not to pine for Prof. Spengler".[10]


Showrunner Bob Higgins told Ability Magazine that the decision to create a new Ghostbusters was taken by the studio, which hoped to reinvigorate a lucrative franchise.[11] Originally announced as Super Ghostbusters in 1996, the initial press release had Janine, teaching history at a local college, bringing together a new team with "a hip new attitude" to face a new plague of ghosts; "short on time and more than a little desperate, Janine turns to four of her teenaged students". Egon would be "huddled in front of a computer screen, battling program bugs instead of spooks".[12]

The show's creators decided "to put together a team of misfits in a way, people that you would not necessarily associate with being superheroes on television"; hence Eduardo as a slacker, Roland as a "square", and Kylie as moody and sarcastic, with Garrett as the balance, "an adrenaline junkie... who could kind of kick start the team".[13] Fil Barlow, the designer, was given rough outlines and originally designed all the characters bar Eduardo as girls (Garrett as Lucy and Roland as Julia), with Egon originally designed as bearded and robed. This aspect would be dropped.[14][15] Barlow pitched "Egon as an ambassador to the ghost realm trying to stop an impending war on the other side".[16]

During production, Lucy/Garrett was found to be quite bland and annoying until producer Jeff Kline suggested putting the character in a wheelchair; Higgins stated this made Garrett more interesting to write, as he was now "one of these guys that takes what he is given and makes the best of it and really lives up to any potential that he has". When designed as Lucy, she was given proton-blasting callipers and crutches, but producer Richard Raynis requested the wheelchair instead (Barlow attempted to show a female character could "be fearless and gung ho" but Raynis requested the gender change). The show ended up winning an award from the Los Angeles Commission on Disabilities for its work on Garrett.[17][18][19]

Various elements would be changed before airing: Egon would replace Janine as the teacher, Slimer lost a goblin sidekick called Gnat, and Garrett was originally "Lucas". Roland was originally a clumsy "gentle giant", Eduardo had a dream of running in the Olympics, and Lucas had a hair-trigger temper[20] (some of these still made it to the character profiles on the EGB website).

The team that helmed Extreme Ghostbusters consisted of many producers and writers that had done work on The Real Ghostbusters, including Raynis. As a result, the show was made as an explicit sequel to Real. This made the show one of the few direct sequels to a 1980s cartoon series — other franchises, such as Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, opted for series relaunches — and as such opted for a more realistic passage of time. Maurice LaMarche was brought back to play Egon Spengler — though Frank Welker and Laura Summer did not return to play Slimer and Janine, respectively. The series would start to have more explicit tie-ins to Real as it went on — "Slimer's Sacrifice" referenced Egon entering the Containment Unit in an episode of Real Ghostbusters: "Xmas Marks the Spot"; "Grundelesque" was a direct sequel to Real Ghostbusters episode "The Grundel", bringing back the eponymous villain and revealing Kylie lost a friend during its first attack. Finally - and notably - was the two-part finale "Back in the Saddle", which featured the remaining original Ghostbusters returning and teaming up with their successors— with Dave Coulier (the second voice of Peter Venkman), Buster Jones (the second voice of Winston Zeddemore), and Frank Welker (the voice of Ray Stantz) all reprising their roles.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1"Darkness at Noon, Part 1"Rafael RosadoBilly Brown, Dan Angel & Dean StefanSeptember 1, 1997 (1997-09-01)

Part one of two. Many years after The Real Ghostbusters has ended, there has been a lull of supernatural activity in New York City, and the team has gone their separate ways.

In 1997, during excavation at a new subway site, three construction workers finally made progress in cutting a hole through a thick slab in the way of the new tunnel. They looked inside and saw skeletons and antiquities stored inside. One worker nervously suggested they might have disturbed something and should seal the hole back up. The worker who cut the hole then asked if they did, what would they tell the boss? He revealed the Mayor wanted the new subway running through before the next election. As they discussed the issue, a green vapor seeped out. Suddenly, a multi-armed ghost manifested before them!

Elsewhere in the city, at New York City College, Garrett Miller, a young athlete who uses a wheelchair, entered a nearly empty lecture hall for his 10 o'clock course, Egon Spengler's Paranormal Phenomena 101. He saw one other student, already seated, Kylie Griffin, a girl genius and expert on the occult. Kylie confirmed it was the right room. Garrett noticed she was reading Spengler's Spirit Guide, by Egon Spengler. When Kylie asked if he read it, Garrett replied he didn't but knew all about Egon Spengler and the original Ghostbusters. He signed up for Egon's course to hear all about their adventures. Eduardo Rivera, a cynical Latino slacker, slammed the doors open and casually walked into the hall. As Garrett imagined himself busting ghosts, Eduardo dismissed the notion they existed and anyone who believed in them were a moron. He glanced over a saw Kylie's stack of books about ghosts, including "Ghosts Walk Among Us" and "Government Cover Up: Ghosts."

Kylie inquired why he took the course if that's what he felt about ghosts. Eduardo introduced himself and explained the course was an easy A. Roland, a studious machinery whiz, entered the hall from a door near the stage. Garrett asked him if he wanted an easy A, too. Roland mistook Garrett's question and replied he didn't follow rap music. Eduardo asked him if he believed in ghosts. Roland sat down and although he never saw one, was open to the possibility. He then revealed he saw the Ecto-1 at an auto show once and complemented their hardware. Egon arrived and identified the said hardware as Proton Guns or Ectoplasmic Molecular Displacement Beams. Egon took a head count and was impressed he had twice as many students as last semester. A fifth student asked he she was late. When Egon looked up, it was none other than Janine Melnitz. After she was downsized, Janine pursued continued education. She asked Egon if he was still doing his research and living at the Firehouse. Egon nervously confirmed as much then introduced Janine to the class as the Ghostbusters' former receptionist. Janine mused she liked to think their relationship was something more. Egon added she also did the accounting and collections.

A dark cloud moved over the city past the Rockefeller Plaza and the Firehouse. All of a sudden, Egon's monitors switched on and took numerous readings. Slimer was asleep on the rec room couch when the nearby P.K.E. Meters also picked up ectoplasmic activity. Slimer awoke and panicked. Back at the college, Egon began his lecture and presented a power point of a garden variety poly-spectral entity's ectoplasmic growth curve. Garrett eagerly awaited an anecdote about the Ghostbusters as Egon mused the data matched usually that of a Class 4 or Class 5. Roland was astounded by the hard date on the life cycles of ghosts, as if he had proof they existed. Kylie admitted she was one to mess with Roland. But she mentioned she lost her Great Grandma Rose about a year ago and often sensed her presence. At the Firehouse, Slimer flew into the kitchen and found a NYCC class schedule on the refrigerator. He flew out then flew back in and took a slice of cake out.

A tour bus passed through Times Square. As the tourists took in the sights, Slimer stopped by and "greeted" them. He then stole a map of Manhattan from a vendor and found the New York City College's location. Meanwhile, the escaped ghost Achira reveled in her freedom and declared the 11th prophecy would be fulfilled. Slimer burst into the hall and interrupted Egon's lecture. Kylie, Garrett, and Roland were shocked to see a ghost. Garrett tried to attack it but Slimer held onto the sleeping Eduardo. Eduardo awoke and the two screamed at each other. Slimer flew to Egon and Janine then frantically explained what happened. Egon managed to conclude something happened with the P.K.E. Meters and Slimer wanted him to come back to the Firehouse. Roland offered to take everyone in his Mustang. Eduardo remained seated until Kylie asked if he was coming or not. It became apparent Roland was a conscientious driver as other motorists cut him off and yelled at him as they passed by. Janine assured him nothing was wrong with his driving. Slimer flew out and left a mess of slime on Eduardo.

Egon realized he left his key in his briefcase back at the lecture hall. Garrett took charge and slammed his wheelchair into the doors. The students were amazed that they are standing inside Ghostbusters HQ. Roland looked over Ecto-1 and realized it wasn't washed in awhile. Egon checked a P.K.E. Meter and noticed the readings were through the roof, indicative of a major outbreak of ectoplasmic activity. Slimer eyed Roland's chocolate bar as Roland examined a Proton Pack and Particle Thrower on a table. He picked up another device and asked about it. Egon turned from his computer and identified it as a Spectral Proto-Capacitator. Kylie translated it as Ghost Beacon. Egon confirmed she was correct and explained it emitted an ultra-parasonic frequency capable of summoning a ghost. Kylie pushed a button on the beacon but Egon took it away to prevent any accidents from happening. Janine noted Egon still didn't own a vacuum. As Garrett struggled with Slimer, Janine turned on the television to a report on the supernatural occurrence at the dig site.

The reporter concluded her report with an implication the workers could have also inhaled too many exhaust fumes. She continued on to reiterate the new subway tunnel was still slated to be christened by the Mayor later in the afternoon. Egon theorized the new tunnel must have opened an ecto-triangulation breach. Kylie translated it as a gateway to a ghostly dimension. Egon was impressed with her knowledge of "Spengler." Kylie admitted she read his book cover to cover six times so far. Eduardo pinned her as the teacher's pet. Egon declared he needed to go to the tunnel to take some readings. Janine decided to come along. Egon stopped and dismissed class for the day despite their offer to come. As they left the Firehouse, Kylie glanced at the Ghost Beacon.

At around 2:55 pm, the Mayor gave his dedication speech at the new tunnel. Egon interrupted and confirmed aloud that the area was brimming with residual ectoplasmic vibrations. The Mayor asked him what was going on. Egon declared the tunnel had to be shut down because it breached an interdimensional rift, a gateway to the spirit world. Egon took the stage but the Mayor introduced Egon to the crowd as a member of the Ghostbusters, a group of psychotic vigilantes who tried to con the city back in 80s into believing there were ghosts in order to line their pockets until they were shut down. Egon countered they shut themselves down when they weren't any ghosts left. The Mayor cut him off and concluded because there were never any ghosts. He ushered the crowd to the construction site to conclude the ceremony. Egon tried to tell the Mayor to fill in the tunnel. He was momentarily crestfallen but declared he would take care of the problem himself.

In another part of the city in a park, Achira, flew around looking for a willing host when something caught her attention. She grabbed a drunken man from a park bench. His screams of terror saddened her and she dropped him into a garbage can. Back at her home, Kylie activated the Ghost Beacon. She wanted to see her great-grandma again and communicate. Achira sensed the beacon and interpreted it as a willing host to spread her disease. Pagan, Kylie's cat, jumped onto Kylie's bed and hissed at the Beacon. Kylie assured Pagan it was alright. A few seconds later, a ghost appeared in her room looking like Grandma Rose, but Pagan was still on guard. Kylie approached Rose and Achira revealed herself. She attacks Kylie and then possesses her. Back at the Firehouse, Egon suited up, against the wishes of Slimer, and started up Ecto-1. Slimer relented, kissed Egon and saluted him. While scouring the city, Egon picked up strong emanations of a Class 6 SPE. One of Achira's appendages appeared in front of Ecto-1's windshield. Egon stumbled outside and shot at it. Egon chased the appendages into an alley fully aware he was breaking the first rule of ghostbusting - never go solo. Soon enough, the appendages grabbed Egon and electrocuted him until he passed out.

Achira appeared, ready to infect, but Kylie tries to regain control of her body but fails and Achira takes control again. Achira took hold and touched Egon's face. The next day in the lecture hall, both Egon and Kylie was absent. In response to Garrett's taunts, Eduardo denied he had a thing for Kylie. Janine was worried and snapped at Garrett when he called Egon an "old geezer." Roland, Janine, Eduardo and Garret decided to check up on Egon at the Firehouse. Slimer greeted them and pointed to Egon at the front desk. Egon's face was covered in strange boils. Egon explained they were the result of a cross-dimensional dermal-transmogrification. Garrett put it bluntly as Ghost Zits. Egon advised everyone to stay in doors and asked Janine to hand him the Ghost Beacon so he could try and lure Achira into a Trap. However, it was missing. Roland remembered how Kylie was so interested in the device. Egon tried to stand up but he was too weak and battling a high fever. Roland and Garrett offered to handle it. Eduardo was bout to leave when Garrett indirectly referred to him as a wuss. Eduardo slammed the door shut and declared he was in. Slimer cheered but Janine was concerned because they were only "kids." Egon believed he didn't have a choice, the fate of the city was at stake. Slimer dug through a pile of junk and pulled something out. He posted an "Open for Business" sign on the front door. Elsewhere, Achira walks the city at night and shifts into Kylie. She smiles devilishly at her human host body.
2"Darkness at Noon, Part 2"Rafael RosadoBilly Brown, Dan Angel & Dean StefanSeptember 2, 1997 (1997-09-02)

Conclusion. With Achira spreading her disease through a possessed Kylie, Egon, himself infected, helps to train and equip the new recruits for battle.

  • Note: In Part 1 and most of Part 2, the XGB use the original Ghostbusting equipment from The Real Ghostbusters. During Part 2, Egon and the group design and build new equipment that is used for the rest of the series.
3"The True Face of a Monster"Rafael RosadoBob Skir & Marty IsenbergSeptember 3, 1997 (1997-09-03)
A rabbi's son brings to life a Golem to protect his father's synagogue from being targeted for anti-Semitic vandalism. Meanwhile, Garrett reunites with his old friends, unaware that they're not as nice as he thinks they are.
4"Fear Itself"Audu PadenDuane CapizziSeptember 4, 1997 (1997-09-04)
The XGBs investigate strange occurrences in a recently renovated hotel and face a creature that brings to life any intruder's innermost fears, including the XGBs'.
5"Deadliners"Scott WoodDuane CapizziSeptember 5, 1997 (1997-09-05)
The XGBs investigate a string of disappearances connected with children's horror writer J. N. Kline (a parody of R.L. Stine).
6"Casting the Runes"Vic Dal CheleJohn SemperSeptember 8, 1997 (1997-09-08)
A petty thief steals a pouch of runes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and uses its power to get back at anyone who's been giving him a hard time.
7"The Infernal Machine"Bob Fuentes IIISteve RobertsSeptember 9, 1997 (1997-09-09)
The XGBs battle Luko, a demon that jumps to various electronic devices and controls them.
8"Home is Where the Horror Is"Frank SquillaceNeil RuttenbergSeptember 10, 1997 (1997-09-10)
The XGBs investigate a house when two boys go missing. They come to find out the house is not just haunted, but it is a ghost.
9"Killjoys"Tim EldredAlexx Van DyneSeptember 11, 1997 (1997-09-11)
The XGBs go after vampiric clowns that devour victims that laugh in their presence. When Eduardo captures one of the clowns, he soon begins to turn into one himself.[21]
10"The Unseen"Tim EldredSiobhan ByrneSeptember 12, 1997 (1997-09-12)
A mysterious orb never seen by the public is on display at the Manhattan Museum of Natural History. The only problem is that once someone lays eyes on the orb, an entity appears and takes away their sight. Meanwhile, Kylie and Eduardo are forced to put aside their differences when they have to go through New York City to retrieve their missing proton packs.
11"The Crawler"Scott Wood & Gloria JenkinsSteve SlavkinSeptember 22, 1997 (1997-09-22)
Fed up with Egon not showing her any attention, Janine resorts to making him jealous by dating a handsome Hispanic man, who turns out to be a bug-like monster in search of a queen.
12"The Pied Piper of Manhattan"Rafael RosadoSteve CudenSeptember 23, 1997 (1997-09-23)

The XGBs are rendered useless when a man appears to be able to lead ghosts away with his piper music. However, things take a turn for the worse when the mayor won't pay the piper.

  • Note: On Hulu, it's mistitled The Ghostpiper of Manhattan.
13"Be Careful What You Wish For"Bob Fuentes IIILara Runnels & Patricia CarrSeptember 24, 1997 (1997-09-24)
A sinister salesman arrives in New York City who can apparently grant people's deepest desires. It soon becomes apparent that each of the granted wishes cause more harm than good - particularly for Eduardo, who becomes trapped in Kylie's pampered cat Pagan after wishing she would respect him more.
14"Grease"Gloria JenkinsSteve RobertsSeptember 25, 1997 (1997-09-25)
The XGBs must combat a mischievous gremlin on a plane, all the while under the watchful eye of two government agents who see the Ghostbusters as criminals.
15"The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It"Tim EldredErnie Altbacker & James KriegSeptember 26, 1997 (1997-09-26)
The XGBs must protect a town from the Jersey Devil, despite not having any of their equipment.
16"Dry Spell"Vic Dal CheleNeil AlsipSeptember 29, 1997 (1997-09-29)
The XGBs must combat a creature that can drain moisture from the human body, and an obsessed oceanographer who wants to capture it.
17"Sonic Youth"Bob Fuentes IIIGreg PincusSeptember 30, 1997 (1997-09-30)
The hunt to track down a Banshee takes on an extra level of difficulty when the Banshee's peace-loving sister, the Siren, enchants Roland with her beautiful voice.
18"Ghost Apocalyptic Future"Tim EldredSteve PerryOctober 1, 1997 (1997-10-01)
A disturbance in the space-time continuum results in Kylie switching places with a rebel fighter from the future, where New York is ruled by a paranormal tyrant called Tempus. In the process, Tempus is split into two versions of himself in both time zones. The future characters know Kylie, Roland, and Eduardo as legendary heroes of the "Great Ghost War" but don't know who Garrett is. This is played for humor but the underlying implication is Garrett died early on.
19"Bird of Prey"Chris BerkeleyMark HoffmeierOctober 2, 1997 (1997-10-02)
A huge, bird-like dragon known as the Hraesvelg causes the weather in New York to change drastically, and the XGBs must stop it before the weather threatens the city.
20"Seeds of Destruction"Sam LiuRichard MuellerOctober 3, 1997 (1997-10-03)
A seed inhabited by a vengeful paranormal entity causes havoc when it starts transforming plants into overgrown monstrosities that can cause whole buildings to collapse.
21"The Luck of the Irish"Frank SquillaceBrooks WachtelNovember 3, 1997 (1997-11-03)
A recently-released leprechaun has set out on a vendetta to persecute those it believes stole his pot of gold, with matters becoming even more complicated when he curses Garrett with bad luck.
22"The Ghostmakers"Vic Dal CheleMark AmatoNovember 4, 1997 (1997-11-04)
Reports are coming in of people acting strangely. Eduardo is possessed by a mirror-inhabiting demon which mimics his behaviour - but not perfectly. Eduardo's spirit is consigned to a spirit realm where even other ghosts cannot see or hear him.
23"Slimer's Sacrifice"Gloria JenkinsAdam GiladNovember 5, 1997 (1997-11-05)

Slimer accidentally becomes trapped in the Containment Unit and the Ghostbusters are being picked off one by one by an aggressive dog-like monster called Fenris. Eduardo decides he must save the green spud by travelling into the Containment Unit, leaving the others to stop the demon god Surtr's plot to bring about Ragnarök. Several older monsters appear, most crucially the Siren and Banshee - the former implied to be at risk of assault if she doesn't follow Surtr's commands.

  • Note: Egon mentions to Roland that he has gone into the containment unit before, referring to the episode "X-Mas Marks the Spot" from The Real Ghostbusters in which Egon entered the containment unit to find the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.
24"Grundelesque"Vic Dal CheleMartin OlsonNovember 6, 1997 (1997-11-06)
The Grundel appears to be hunting after children again, but when Egon reveals that the original Ghostbusters captured the Grundel years ago, Kylie realises that this new Grundel is actually connected to Jack, her long-lost childhood friend. This episode is a direct sequel to "The Grundel", a Real Ghostbusters episode that aired ten years before.
25"In Your Dreams"Chris DozoisSteven MelchingNovember 7, 1997 (1997-11-07)
Morpheus, the dream ghost, uses an obnoxious talk-radio DJ to turn people's dreams into living nightmares.
26"Moby Ghost"Alan CaldwellRichard StanleyNovember 10, 1997 (1997-11-10)
When Lotan, an entity that resembles a whale, causes electronic chaos across the city, the XGBs must join forces with a spectral hunter in order to stop the creature.
27"Fallout"Chris BerkeleyBruce Reid SchaeferNovember 12, 1997 (1997-11-12)
The XGBs have to devise a new plan when an entity that feeds on nuclear isotopes is unaffected by their proton packs. Janine leaves town to see her relatives. She has a sister named Doris.
28"Eyes of a Dragon"Sam LiuJoseph KuhrNovember 13, 1997 (1997-11-13)
After a Chinatown merchant disappears, the XGBs find that people across Chinatown are having their bones stolen.
29"Till Death Do We Start"Tim EldredLane RaichertNovember 14, 1997 (1997-11-14)
A city yuppie asks the XGBs for protection when he is plagued by an undead bride.
30"Glutton for Punishment"Gloria JenkinsSteven MelchingNovember 24, 1997 (1997-11-24)
Citizens across New York are going into inexplicable feeding frenzies, and the problem comes too close to home for comfort when it seems the disorder has also affected Slimer. Ghostbusters attempt to stop him from eating the entire firehouse.
31"Ghost in the Machine"Bob Fuentes III & Tim EldredSteve CudenNovember 25, 1997 (1997-11-25)
When a formerly abandoned oil well is reopened, an old spirit escapes and starts possessing vehicles.
32"Dog Days"Chris DozoisBarry HawkinsNovember 26, 1997 (1997-11-26)
The XGBs must combat problems of a canine nature when a demonic dog enslaves all dogs in the city.
33"Mole People"Vic Dal CheleReed MoranNovember 27, 1997 (1997-11-27)
A string of power outages is blamed on a group of people living underground, but the XGBs discover that a quartet of energy-based ghosts are the true culprits.
34"A Temporary Insanity"Tim EldredRichard MuellerNovember 28, 1997 (1997-11-28)
When Janine goes on vacation, the XGBs hire a temp to handle her workload, but it becomes obvious that the temp isn't all that she seems.
35"Rage"Frank SquillaceThomas Pugsley & Greg KleinDecember 1, 1997 (1997-12-01)
With the Firehouse being sprayed for bugs, Egon is forced to move in with Eduardo. The arrangement is complicated with a troll on the loose in the city and Eduardo's brother (who despises him for being a Ghostbuster) responding as part of the NYPD.
36"Heart of Darkness"Gloria JenkinsNeil RuttenbergDecember 2, 1997 (1997-12-02)
A recent spate of thefts of electrical equipment and a set of priceless crystal skulls bring Egon into contact with an old associate. Of note, Dr. Edward Kirilian is voiced by Star Trek: The Next Generation actor John de Lancie.
37"Back in the Saddle, Part 1"Tim EldredGary Stuart Kaplan & Larry SwerdloveDecember 3, 1997 (1997-12-03)

Janine arranges a unique birthday present for Egon's 40th birthday: a reunion with Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore (The Real Ghostbusters). However, the surprise is spoiled by a growing friction between the old and new Ghostbusters.

  • Note: Part 1 of the series finale. Venkman says he tried to pitch another Ghostbusters film to Hollywood; a Ghostbusters film was the focus on an early episode of The Real Ghostbusters.
38"Back in the Saddle, Part 2"Chris BerkeleyBrooks WachtelDecember 4, 1997 (1997-12-04)

The Extreme Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters must put aside their differences when a mysterious entity begins devouring people, boats, and even whole towns down the length of the Eastern American Seaboard. The problem only grows worse when the Ghostbusters discover it is heading for Manhattan and that it has come from the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Note: The conclusion to the two part series finale.
39"The Sphinx"Bob Fuentes III & Tim EldredSteve RobertsDecember 5, 1997 (1997-12-05)[22]

A sphinx is turning Manhattan's intellectuals into blathering idiots as punishment for not solving his riddle. Meanwhile, Egon is depressed over getting old and starts to impose himself in the Ghostbusters' field work.

  • Note: Originally aired as the third last episode of the series, so it was set before "Back in the Saddle". As he mentions, Egon's only 39. Near the end, Egon calls Garrett "Ray" by mistake.
40"Witchy Woman"Alan CaldwellRobin BernheimDecember 8, 1997 (1997-12-08)
Three teenaged witches try to recruit Kylie into their coven to bring about a spirit that will grant them more power, but when Kylie refuses, they recruit the oblivious (and infatuated) Eduardo.


The series originally aired on the Syndicated BKN block in 1997.

The show was aired on ABS-CBN in the Philippines in 1999.

The show first aired in the Republic of Ireland on RTE Two from 19 February 1998 to 1999.[23] Years later, a short rerun was shown on the same channel in the summer of 2007.[24]

In 2021, to celebrate the upcoming release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, episodes of both The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters were released onto the official Ghostbusters YouTube channel.[25]

Home media[edit]

In 1999, three VHS volumes of the show were released by Columbia TriStar Home Video, all of which are now out of print. These videotapes were available to purchase separately or as a packaged boxed set containing all three volumes. The episodes included on the VHS volumes were:

  • Volume 1: "Darkness at Noon, Part 1", "Darkness at Noon, Part 2"
  • Volume 2: "The Infernal Machine", "Grundelesque"
  • Volume 3: "Back in the Saddle, Part 1", "Back in the Saddle, Part 2"

A two-disc DVD set of the series was released in Australia on June 2, 2009[26] and in the United Kingdom on June 15 the same year,[27] along with Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, all containing the first thirteen episodes of the series, with the UK releases being slightly edited to remove scenes of horror and threat.

There is currently no plan to release the series on DVD in the United States.

The series was re-released in the UK on the 27th of June 2016, once again featuring the first 13 episodes.

In January 2021, the episodes were officially uploaded weekly by the official Ghostbusters YouTube Channel in High Definition.

Reception and legacy[edit]

In a retrospective of the show, SFX referred to the "consensus that any extension of the Ghostbusters brand requires a whole new team of newbies to take on the mantle" and that Extreme Ghostbusters was the first time it was put into practice. The failure of the show, blamed by the showrunners on poor US scheduling and the decline of non-educational children's syndication in favor of carriage on networks such as Fox Kids and Kids' WB and cable channels ("broadcast mid-morning in a slot only suitable for pre-schools", though some American stations still did carry the show between 3:00pm and 5:00pm in the afterschool period), was seen by SFX as showing "the appeal of Ghostbusters was only partially the concept... that it's the characters we love above all must be a sobering thought for anyone charged with rebooting Ghostbusters again". The show was also noted for being aimed at "a slightly more adolescent audience with a tougher edge", "clearly intended to test the boundaries of child-friendly horror" and the Eduardo/Kylie relationship pushed the edges of the ratings.[28]

The character of Kylie Griffin appeared in the IDW comics in the 2010s.[citation needed]

Merchandise and other media[edit]

The cartoon series generated a line of action figures released by Trendmasters. The line included Roland, Eduardo, Kylie, and several ghosts, as well as an updated version of Egon Spengler, and the Ecto-1; Garrett did not have a figure released, although collectors have found a prototype figure. Also released was a role playing Proton Pack and Ghost Trap.


The original website contained a Flash tour of the Firehouse, character profiles, descriptions of the ghosts fought, and a Flash game. Some of the character details in the profiles had never made it into an episode.

The "Spengler's Spirit Guide" section contained journal entries by "Egon" himself, about haunted areas and the how-to of ghostbusting. Two of the entries, The Bermuda Triangle and The Jersey Devil, were topics that showed up in episodes.[29]

Video games[edit]

Three video games based on the series were also created, Extreme Ghostbusters for the Game Boy Color, Extreme Ghostbusters: Code Ecto-1 for Game Boy Advance and Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion for the PlayStation. There are also two PC games: Extreme Ghostbusters: Zap The Ghosts! and Extreme Ghostbusters Creativity Centre.


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